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A Call to Prayer for Iraq

For the community that is The Outreach Foundation, the painful developments that are unfolding in Syria, Palestine and Iraq are personal, personal because many of our friends are caught up in the violence. The news accounts are more vivid and heart-breaking because brothers and sisters are suffering. 

The Christians have fled Mosul, Iraq. ISIS forces gave the Christians clear choices: convert, pay an outrageous tax, die or leave. Friends of ours have fled Mosul. As they left, they were stripped of anything of value. And it is not only Christians who are being harmed. Please pray for all the people of Iraq, pray that evil hands might be stayed, pray for those forced from their homes, pray for peace with justice. 

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Partners in Mission

There is a lot of talk these days about doing mission in partnership.  It is driven, in part, by an increasing awareness of the growing global church and respect for the initiative and faithfulness of brothers and sisters in Christ who are already engaged in mission in places where we are or seek to be involved.

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