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The Presbyterian Church of Rwanda - April 2019 Update

Casting the Nets into Deep Waters: Story of the Fishermen

A group from First Presbyterian Church Nashville, TN led by Outreach Program and Project Coordinator Ebralie Mwizerwa, traveled to Rwanda in early March to visit the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda (EPR). Luke 5:1-11 was the theme of the trip. Other team members were Sara DeVries, Parish DeVries, Erika Shapiro, Ada Shapiro, Kendall Posey, Tinsley Sheppard, and Dr. Jennifer Ellis from FPC Clarksville, TN.

Sara DeVries described her first moments in Rwanda: “We stepped out of the airplane into the fresh, thick Rwandan air, the night sky was clear, and the lights twinkled in the distance. We were greeted by EPR Vice-President Rev. Julie Kandema, Kigali Presbytery Vice-President Rev. Julius Ngendahayo, Kanombe congregation pastor Rev. Denys Niyonsenga, and many youths…

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Presbyterian Ministry for Reconciliation - December 2015 Update

Dear family and friends, 

A team from The Outreach Foundation visited the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda last October. Many of you followed our journey from the trip blog on Outreach’s website. One of the ministries that we visited was the Presbyterian Ministry for Reconciliation and Healing led by Rev. Jerome Bizimana, who recently visited our office in Franklin, Tennessee as well as many Presbyterian congregations in the U.S. as part of the International Peacemakers program. We learned so much from our brothers and sisters in Rwanda about forgiveness. 

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Presbyterian Ministry for Reconciliation - July 2014 Update

Dear Friends of Rwandans,

Peacemakers and Healing Ministries (PHM) trains young people between the ages of 16 and 35, especially those in educational institutions, about conflict, its causes and consequences. We teach them conflict prevention, effects of conflict, resolution of conflict and reconciliation. We use stories from Rwanda’s history so that the students learn from it and vow to be part of building a new nation. 

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