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Jeff and Christi Boyd - September 2017 Update

Dear friends,

Aisifuye mvua imemnyea.
One who praises rain has been rained upon.

In much of Africa, where a large portion of the population depends on agriculture for survival, rain is strongly felt as a blessing. Therefore, the Swahili proverb above means that those who count their blessings are able to do so because they have experienced blessings.

We have been rained upon. We are blessed, and this letter is meant to express our thanks to all who in various ways engage in God’s mission with us.

Every three or four years, we leave our area of service to spend half a year visiting congregations in the U.S. to give witness to how God has been at work through the global church. That is what we have been doing for the last couple of months, and we will continue to do so until November. While in the U.S., we are sharing about the work of the Church in Africa. We share about how ministries with vulnerable children help them heal from the trauma of armed conflict. We tell of families finding one another again after abandonment. We describe how education reaches about 220,000 children each year through the nearly 1,000 Presbyterian schools in the Congo. And we explain the instability congregations in the Greater Kasai region encounter because of intensive militia activity in their area.

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Jeff and Christi Boyd (PCUSA) - December 2015 Update

Dear friends,

Walking into the fellowship hall of First Presbyterian Church in Hanford, California it was a special treat to see a beautiful cake made to celebrate our silver anniversary – not our wedding anniversary, but 25 years of service as mission co-workers with Presbyterian World Mission. It was a thoughtful gesture as we give thanks for how God has worked through churches, presbyteries and individuals to encourage, support and sustain us in mission service in Africa over the past quarter of a century.

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Jeff and Christi Boyd - April 2013 Update

Dear Friends and Family,

I (Christi) was recently in Niger at the request of the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) to follow up on water projects established the last several years through the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. Jeff had been asked to accompany a joint delegation from PC(USA) and the Reformed Church in America, including World Mission staff, mission workers, and Dr. Rob Weingartner, executive director of The Outreach Foundation. It was a good opportunity for me to take part as an agent from the Compassion, Peace and Justice ministry to make the team multidisciplinary.

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