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Philip and Bacilia Beisswenger - April 2019 Update

Dear Guatemala mission partners,

The parable about the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) gives an excellent description of mission partnership. The Samaritan, moved by the plight of an assault victim along the road, ignores social barriers and renders first aid. Then, instead of resuming his trek to Jericho, he carries his fellow traveler to a shelter where his wounds can heal. Next, he provides resources for his new friend’s care. Incredibly, the Samaritan even promises to return to check on him and make sure the recovery is complete.

The spirit of the good Samaritan is so evident in our mission partners. Moved by the dire conditions in Guatemala, the response hasn’t been minimal or fleeting. Instead, through your partnership, we have been able to overcome barriers and walk alongside people who find themselves in a ditch along life’s pathway.

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Philip and Bacilia Beisswenger Update

Greetings Guatemala mission partners and friends!

“We have come from a far country,” said the Gibeonites to the Israelites. “Now therefore, make a covenant with us.” (Joshua 9:6) Thus we note the enduring biblical interest in making international connections. The practice continues today in “far countries” like Guatemala, with covenant partners witnessing personally to one another, enabling Christ’s mission to grow deeper and wider.

Presbyterian Complex: Five amazing groups traveled to Cobán, getting involved personally in all areas of ministry.

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Philip and Bacilia Beisswenger - March 2018 Update

Our family deeply appreciates your commitment to God’s work in Guatemala. Thanks for the ways that you partner with indigenous churches in Cobán and the surrounding region, as well as your generous missionary support for our family through The Antioch Partners. Here’s some news from this corner of God’s vineyard:

Antioch Presbyterian Church
Started 3½ years ago, the church Philip pastors has 55 active members, with an average of 75 in worship. Most are ethnically Q’eqchi’ and new to the Reformed tradition. In 2017 24 new members joined, 12 by profession of faith. The congregation continues its hospitality ministry, receiving international groups and nearby theological students. In November the church hosted 300 Presbyterian women from across Guatemala for their annual convention.

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Philip and Bacilia Beisswenger (TAP) - May 2016 Update

Dear mission partners, 

Greetings in Christ from Guatemala! The tradition of missionary home assignments (“furloughs” years ago) started with the Apostles. In Acts, we find Paul returning to his sending church in Antioch after his first missionary journey. Ever since, missionaries have periodically headed home, interpreting their work, bolstering support networks, renewing ties to loved ones and seeking spiritual and vocational rejuvenation. 

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Philip and Bacilia Beisswenger (The Antioch Partners) - September 2015 Update

Greetings in Christ from the Beisswenger family! On Pentecost, Peter said, “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off.” Acts 2:39 Though we tend to emphasize “your children” more than “all who are far off,” the scripture is clear that both are crucial to God’s covenant. Our circle of faith stretches dramatically from our closest kin to envelop people whose culture and circumstances differ sharply from our own. 

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