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Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery - January 2019 Update

Dear friends and partners,

The following stories of young lives being transformed in Zambia would not be possible without your partnership and support for our work of caring for vulnerable children.

Alex (name changed for privacy) was admitted to the House of Moses on September 25, 2018. Although his actual date of birth was unknown, the House of Moses staff believed that Alex was about two months old. The staff always attempts to find the child’s immediate relative or parent but were not able to do so with Alex. The police in the Eastern Province where he was brought were unable to find his mother, who had dumped him in an unfinished house close to St. Francis Hospital.

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Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery - August 2017 Update

An Outreach Legacy Story
In Lusaka, Zambia an abandoned three-week-old baby boy was brought to the House of Moses where the caregivers named him Jacob and called him Jake. He spent his first two years living and thriving in this amazing rescue home. Although the social workers worked tirelessly to try and find relatives to care for him, they were not successful. 

When Jake turned two, he transitioned to the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery where he continued to develop as a healthy toddler. He enjoyed the Learning Center of Joy and interacting with the other children. Last September, Jake was cleared by government authorities and placed into the Foster-to-Adopt program where, after a thorough matching process, he was placed with the Libuku family. The threesome began the bonding process. Jake has settled easily into his new family and is curious about everything in his new world. Best of all, he knows he has a mommy and daddy of his very own.

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Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery - March 2017 Update

Lolo and her foster mother, Ms. Agness Pumulo Nyambe

Lolo has been under the care of Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ) since January 2016. Lolo had been abandoned by her family. A good Samaritan found her and brought her to the police station, where she was transported to the District Social Welfare Office (DSWO) by the Child Protection Unit (CPU). The police and DSWO have tried to find her family, but their efforts have been in vain. 

Lolo lives in the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery. When she first came to the home, she was a quiet little girl who often blended into the background because she was so soft spoken. She was respectful to others and a fast learner. She quickly learned how to follow the routines of the home and did not have any trouble adjusting. 

Today, Lolo is no longer the shy, introverted little girl she was a year ago. Her vibrant personality is now evident. She has a warm and loving heart and at just four years old, she already seems to understand the importance of sharing her toys, caring for others, getting along with other children, and respecting her elders. 

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Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery - February 2017 Update

Gifted with a New Name

Life began in a very difficult way for Gift. He was abandoned very shortly after birth and was brought to the House of Moses by the authorities in early 2016. After exhaustive investigations were carried out, none of Gift’s relatives were found and six months after his admittance to the House of Moses, he was cleared for adoption.

At the same time, Kevin and Mary Mabwe were dreaming of adding a son to their family. The devoted parents already had two daughters but longed to complete their family and had opened their hearts up to the idea of adoption. They were soon matched with Gift and began bonding with him at the House of Moses. Bonding progressed so well that Gift was permanently placed with the Mabwe family and was renamed Kevin Jr., after his new father. 

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