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Bibles for New Christians - February 2019 Update

Dear friends,

During these last two months of “book fair season,” the Bible Society has supplied thousands of scriptures throughout the country. These items are now being used and shared by people who love Jesus and believe in his Word. These are your partners in the Gospel.

A recent Facebook post illustrates our vision to support and equip Egyptian Christians with affordable scriptures. On February 4 Mafdy came to Cairo to visit the book fair. He bought several items from the Bible Society booth to have on hand to share with others.

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Bibles for New Christians - August 2018 Update

The year was 1986. The economy was thriving in the country with the largest oil reserves in the world. Still, most people in Venezuela lacked access to good education and health services. A group of teenagers had recently become exposed to the Scriptures. Somehow, what Jesus had initiated and instructed his followers to carry on sounded to them like real rebellion. Not just one seeking to replace a social elite with another but a real movement that calls people to repentance and a new life of faith and love for God and fellow human beings. The revolution was to move forward as people became aware of the unsettling ways in which the purposes of God have been carried out in history. If they could help other people read the Bible – they thought – then others too may have their lives filled with new meaning, purpose and compassion. After receiving a gracious donation of hundreds of Bibles, they got busy talking to whomever would pay attention to what they had to say.

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