Sureste Theological Seminary

Dear Friends,

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I bring you special Advent, Christmas, and New Year’s greetings from your brothers and sisters in Christ in the State of Tabasco and especially the Seminario Teologico Presbiteriano Del Sureste. The students have completed the first semester and are on vacation until the 20th of January.
I traveled to Tabasco the first two weeks in December and stayed at the seminary. Our good friend and a true supporter of the seminary, Clarence Shepherd from Texas, traveled with me. We met in Houston and traveled together to Villahermosa. It was great to visit the seminary again. We stayed in one of the guest rooms on campus and were able to communicate and visit with faculty and students. A major construction project is proceeding at a rapid pace. It is anticipated that it will be completed by early January. When finished there will be two additional rooms with bathrooms in each. Visiting groups will have places for both male and female guests. We continue to be amazed and encouraged by the progress of the seminary and particularly the past graduates. It seems everywhere we go, there are former students of the seminary working in the churches of Tabasco. We were invited to a wedding in a small community called Poblado 32. A former student is the pastor at that small Presbyterian Church, and he officiated during the wedding.
Of course we visited Huascar's church which is growing at a rapid pace. They have added a second service on Sunday morning at this church (Manantial de Vida), and both services were full. The choir director at that church is a seminary graduate, as well. We also visited the church near the seminary (Luz y Verdad), and they were having a special Thanksgiving service. Joaquin Rivera Diaz is the pastor at this church, and he is also a graduate of the seminary. Clarence and I took many photos and videos, and I will post them on the website after the first of the year. 
Again, thanks to each of you for your past and continued support of the seminary. The seminary is truly having a large impact on the churches in Tabasco.
Your friend in the faith,
John Edward (Ed) Jennings      

The Outreach Foundation