Stu and Linda Ross

Dear Friends,

This year has been a busy and productive year in East Africa. We have gone further afield and built more projects. Our partner church, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), directs our activity. They are encouraging us to build in very remote areas and areas that are many miles from our base in Kikuyu. Our work continues to be supporting the local congregations in building churches and schools and doing water projects. We are working with partners to do evangelist and leadership training.

Church Construction 
This year we completed sixteen churches, three stone churches and thirteen mabati (metal). Four churches were within four hours of our base and the rest were an 8-12 hour drive away. These distances present many logistical problems to our visiting groups and Outreach Foundation work teams. At the end of the year we had another six churches under construction to be completed in 2013.

School Construction 
Eight schools were completed in 2012, and three of our existing high schools were enlarged. At Kimuka Girls’ School we completed another dormitory. A staff house and dormitory were added at Ilnargrooj Boys’ High School, raising capacity to 200 boys. Currently under construction at Pwani Girls’ High School is another dormitory, which will allow an additional 100 girls for a total of 225. All these facilities are under the PCEA church and are running well.

Water Projects
In 2012, we did five boreholes, some in very difficult places. The most difficult and remote one was in Matuu. This area is arid and poor, and water was very welcomed there. The other four were all done in Maasai Land.

Evangelist Training
This is the fifth year of the evangelist/tentmaker training program in partnership with Millimani Presbytery under the leadership of Gerald Wagana. Over 150 leaders have been trained, which has greatly uplifted the church in this Maasai area.

We appreciate the opportunity we have been given to work alongside our partners and friends in East Africa.  

Stu and Linda Ross
East Africa Mission Staff