Seminars for Iraqi Presbyterian Church Leaders

Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches (FMEEC) was created in its present form in 1974, as an umbrella organization bringing together 15 Evangelical Reformed, Lutheran and Episcopal churches in the Middle East region (approximately 600 parishes with 1.5 to 2 million members). These Churches are located in Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Kuwait and the Gulf. Through FMEEC the member churches gather as one family, cooperate together in different areas, have common actions, and offer a qualitative  contribution to the ecumenical movement.  
The Fellowship runs many programs in the areas of theology, women, youth, family, young adults, pastors, church-related schools, and special focused programs targeting the churches that have special context: Iran, Iraq and Sudan. The great majority of these programs are geared towards training and capacity building with high  experience and efficiency in this field which has become a distinct characteristic of FMEEC. One of the most  significant of these are the programs empowering the church related schools as a public entity affecting positive change in society in areas related to democracy, social justice, human rights and community awareness.
The project goal is to build the people of God towards maturity in Christ (Ephesians 4:1-16). It proposes:
Capacity building of women and men leaders in the Presbyterian Iraqi churches towards excellence in four main areas: personal, biblical, church-related and skills.
To offer spiritual encouragement towards Godly character and faithfulness in witness even in their difficult circumstances.
To strengthen networking and fellowship among the Iraqi churches, and between the Iraqi churches and the wider fellowship of evangelical churches in the Middle East.
To learn firsthand from the Iraqi churches their actual needs and hence investigate possible future means by which the FMEEC might further cooperate with the Iraqi Presbyterian churches towards addressing these needs.

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