Repatriote Ministry Center

Dear Friends,

We have received a report from our partners, Haiti Outreach Ministries, about the impact of tropical storm Isaac as it passed through the area last week. Haiti Outreach Ministries reported serious damage in the communities of Ibo Beach and Repatriote. The Outreach Foundation has very strong partnerships with these communities with both school and church construction in progress. 
In both Ibo Beach and Repatriote, which appear to be the hardest hit communities, many homes lost roofs. There was no reported loss of life in the congregations/families at the time we received the reports.

At Repatriote compound, the sanctuary tent was taken down prior to the storm. The new construction (school and church) is fine. The old Christian Education building that had been used as a depot lost part of its roof. We praise God that there was no damage reported on any of the homes HOM has built in the past two years.
Please pray for the Haitians as they recover from this storm. Whatever the impact, it is not helpful as the country seeks to recover from the 2010 earthquake and its other problems
Donations sent with “relief” designation will be used for restoring roofs and other damage to homes in the communities. We also continue to encourage donations toward completion of existing buildings for church and classrooms.
Grateful for your continued support,
The Outreach Foundation