Project Sertao II

Dear Friends and Partners,                                                                         

The Cactus Continues to Bloom

Announce to the nations…that the Presbyterian Church of Brazil continues to grow!

In September 2011, sister Flávia Júlia and brother Tiago da Costa were received into the membership of the Pombal congregation by baptism and profession of faith, as were sister Mizinha and her daughter Shelly in November. Flávia and Mizinha have been attending worship at the church since the first service. It is so gratifying to see people coming to the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Congregation of Compassionate Outreach

During the past six months, the congregation in Pombal has been providing a ministry to the local jail, taking clothes and the word of God to prisoners. They were able to reach out to them with embraces and strong handshakes. They also offered encouragement to the families of the prisoners. This was a very memorable time.

Another significant outreach ministry that the church supported was a visit to a low-income and unstable community where people live in improvised huts. Members of the congregation distributed clothes, gave haircuts, and offered legal advice to people living in the community. They also made available various medical services including diabetes and blood pressure education and dental hygiene. The church members offered plenty of activities and fed the children lunch. The outreach brought a lot of joy to the church.

“The Day of the Child” was another significant event that the church sponsored. The street in front of the church was closed, and members set up a trampoline, filled an empty pool with little plastic balls, and served cotton candy and homemade ice cream. Even the adults joined in the fun at the party. Before the games began the young people presented a skit, and missionary Helena of the New Beginnings Project gave a devotional. 

Thank you for your partnership in this noble Kingdom work. Reaching out in Christ’s name is very rewarding.

Valdívia and Raimundo Couto, Missionaries