Prayer Requests for Egypt

Please consider joining in prayer on the next ecumenical Christian prayer day in Egypt which is March 22. On the last ecumenical prayer day, 11/11/11, about 50,000 Egyptian Christians, including  Coptic Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelical (Protestants - mostly Presbyterians), gathered for worship and prayer at the Mokattam cave churches in Cairo. Let’s stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ at this uncertain time in Egypt.
Egyptians pray for Egypt using Isaiah 19:19-25
Pray that Lord will be worshiped in Egypt--"an altar to the Lord," v. 19
Pray for witness to the Lord in and beyond Egypt--"a pillar at the border," v. 19
Pray for protection, salvation, deliverance (healing) for Egyptians--v. 20, 22
Pray for Egyptians to have real knowledge of the Lord, personal relationship with the Lord, depth of commitment to follow Jesus as disciples--v. 21
Pray for peace in the Middle East --v. 23 (a highway connecting countries of the Middle East indicates safety of travel, peaceful conditions)
Pray that Egypt will be blessing for the whole world by virtue of the peace among Middle Eastern peoples and by their worship of God together--v. 24-25
Pray for continued unity among Christians through this prayer event and this time--v. 23
Pray for relationships between Christians and Muslims to develop, in Egypt and around the world, for 80% of converts come to the Lord through friendships with Christians
Prayers for direction of the country that the agenda of radical Islam not prevail. 
Pray for moderate Muslims who would be more affected by radical Islam than Christians if the Salafist party has its way.
Pray for full human and citizenship rights for all Egyptians and foreigners in Egypt.
Pray against a spirit of fear, especially among the Christians: Egyptians have no idea what the future holds. Pray that they live boldly with faith and hope rather than fear and discouragement (and that Christians will not emigrate out of fear).
Pray for churches and Christian ministries
--The Bible Society of Egypt
--Evangelical Theological Seminary of Egypt
--the 311 local Presbyterian churches in Egypt, and especially the new church developments
--evangelistic ministries
--media ministries
--Pope Shenouda and the Coptic Orthodox Church
For the political process:
Pray for Christians in government and civil service
Pray for wise diplomacy on the part of the U.S.
Pray for the process for the new constitution, and the new president to be elected in May-June
Pray for army and security forces to have integrity and to safeguard rights for all; not to be corrupt and intimidate people