Holistic Evangelism Project



Dear Partners and Friends,

Greetings from Tete Province, Mozambique. 2012 was a productive year for the ministries under the Holistic Evangelism Project, and we look forward to 2013. In Tete Province there are nearly 70 churches shepherded by two part-time tent-making pastors. The churches are administered by lay leaders and evangelists. The training for these lay leaders is directed by Rev. Nedson Zulu and Sebber Banda.

Rev. Nedson Zulu and Sebber Banda 

After graduation from Justo Mwale Theological University College in Zambia, Rev. Nedson Zulu served as a pastor in the Reformed Church of Zambia and also with the Theological Education by Extension program in Zambia. Since 1998, Nedson has led The Outreach Foundation’s holistic ministry of evangelism, church planting and community development in Tete Province. A missionary with a strong vision for proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed, Nedson loves the Lord and is committed to equipping others for the work of sharing the Gospel. Nedson is a gifted pastor, teacher, and trainer.

Nedson’s colleague in this ministry is a midwife and public health nurse, Ms. Sebber Banda. She teaches and encourages leaders who work in the community, helping them to understand health issues both through training and the ministry of a dynamic drama team. Sebber teaches entire communities to deal with disease prevention, especially malaria and cholera. Training Village Health Assistants, along with teaching about hygiene and sanitation, is transforming the health of thousands of people. Sebber also leads HIV/AIDS seminars about God’s plan for human relationships and how to care for infected people and their loved ones. She has also trained hundreds of Traditional Birth Attendants who act as midwives in the villages.

Leadership Training 

As part of the Holistic Evangelism Project, leadership training and workshops are offered at Zobue and Mutarara and also in Malawi to equip people for ministry in their churches and communities. Training includes Women in Leadership, Youth Leadership, Sunday School Teachers, Elders’ Leadership, Couples’ Leadership, Outreach Groups, Vocational Skills Training, Evangelism Training, Leadership Exposure, the Jesus Film, health campaigns through drama, HIV/AIDS leadership and counseling, and Village Health Assistants. With only two pastors, the day-to-day ministries are carried out by church members. The involvement of community leaders, chiefs, and village elders is critical to effective training. Nedson says, “This training is one of the most important parts of the entire ministry that Sebber and I lead.”  

Berry Long, Tete Province Coordinator