Haiti Outreach Ministries

Two years after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the work of Haiti Outreach Ministries continues to change lives in Jesus’ name. Tom Widmer, The Outreach Foundation’s Associate Director for Development, was in Haiti a few weeks ago, and writes:

Even today, two years after the earthquake, Haiti remains a study in contrasts.
     •  No matter where you look, there is still great destruction—but also great hope.
     •  There are tent cities everywhere—but new concrete block homes rise up as well.
     •  There is so much need—but so much help.
It’s easy to step off the plane, take in the sights, sounds and smells, and begin to feel overwhelmed. But looking closer, you see signs of hope and progress. There’s a new pump and purification system at the HOM Blanchard church providing a source of clean water; steel and cement pushes out of the ground to rebuild the toppled church at Repatriote; new and rebuilt homes serve the poorest of the poor in Cite Soleil. 
Look closely and you see God’s mercy and provision for his people by his people. It’s like an old broken sidewalk, with flowers forcing their way up through the cracks. I can’t help but be reminded of Paul’s words in Ephesians 4 when he talks about unity in the church: “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ…” To me, that is the hope for Haiti.
The Outreach Foundation is so thankful for the way that our partners continue to respond to the needs and opportunities in Haiti. Through the generosity of a family foundation, a new primary school has opened at Repatriote. A group of congregations in the Los Angeles area, led by Bel Air Presbyterian Church, is focused on rebuilding the church building at Repatriote. Congregations in Winston-Salem, led by First Presbyterian Church, are committed to helping Haiti Outreach Ministries develop a new high school.
Thanks to the support of many other congregations and individuals, The Outreach Foundation was able to send $92,000 this month for continuing recovery and rebuilding efforts. These funds will be used to repair roofs in the communities (20 houses at $2,000 each) and restart the home building program (11 houses at $5,000 each).
Up to $10,000 will be used towards the Blanchard community haven house (a new transitional housing facility for up to seven families). The church has already bought the land, and this will be leveraged with funds raised by a Canadian group that is going to team with the community for a two week blitz to build the facility.
Approximately $10,000 of this recent gift will go towards the Repatriote church rebuilding, and smaller amounts will be used for improved lighting for the vocational school and additional capitalization for the microloan program. The total capitalization for this revolving loan program that supports dozens of microloans in the communities will be $25,000.
Even as The Outreach Foundation works to help rebuild churches and houses and build new clinics and schools, we are working with Haiti Outreach Ministries to build up the church, the people of God, to show and share the love of Jesus.
We thank God for Leon and Jacky Dorleans, for pastors Profait and Luc, and for all of their colleagues. It is a privilege to strengthen their hands for the unique ministry to which the Lord has called them.
Thank you for your continuing support of Haiti Outreach Ministries!