Forman Christian College

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Forman Christian College!
Forman Christian College, nearing its 150th anniversary in 2014, has as its mission, "To impart, create and disseminate knowledge and to develop informed, ethical and responsible citizens, who are prepared to learn, lead and serve, who live by the college motto By Love Serve One Another." (Galatians 5:13)                                                                              

A total of 357 students graduated from Forman in June. Of that total, 310 graduated from the baccalaureate program and 47 from graduate programs. Our graduation rate of 54% is comparable to the five-year graduation rate of most U.S. universities.

A full year's tuition at a top university for $1,250?
Yes! And through Forman Christian College in Pakistan, beautiful stories of lives changed are multiplying. Scholarships for local students lift the pride and economic strength of an entire community. Here are two of these stories:                                                   

Things did not look hopeful for Shahid. With his father gone, four younger siblings, and no money, it looked like a life of bleak starvation-wage labor for him. But because of Forman’s dedication to the poorest, Shahid was able to graduate. Through discipleship training in the Forman Christian Life Program, Shahid now sees himself as a blessing to others and not just a burden for his nation. He is working as a data analyst and is helping his younger siblings get through school. Now this family, which was doomed to a life of poverty, dependency and degradation, is instead going to be a center of developmental energy for Pakistan and the Christian community.

Zara is another story of inspiration for young Pakistani women - Muslim and Christian - who never dreamed that college would be possible for them. She graduated from college and began a new career in public relations. Today, scholarships at Forman give hundreds of young women like Zara opportunities to rise to their potential and to inspire their families and their nation.

When there seems to be little good news in Pakistan, the great news of lives changed through Forman Christian College stands out! Thank you for making this possible through prayerfully-made scholarship gifts that encourage top students like Shahid and Zara. Our students, their families, and their entire communities say thank you!

In Christ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Robert Johnson
Executive Director, Friends of Forman Christian College