Compassion Ministries

Dear Friends and Mission Supporters,
Greetings! Sue recently spent eight days in North Korea and reported that it is very cold in the North. There is much suffering there due to the poor economic conditions, low food supplies, and cold weather. Sue is grateful for funds from supporters which allow her work to provide a lifeline for a number of orphans and disabled persons.
Sue has been asked by the North Koreans to expand her support from five orphanages, eleven special education schools, one vocational training center for the disabled, and three bakery/soymilk plants to include help for 41 orphanages and five training centers. One church or group, for example, could pledge to support an individual orphanage, school, or training center.
Prayer Requests

  • for the newly opened office in Pyongyang entitled, “Korean Peoples’ Cooperative Office for Aid for the Disabled and Orphans” and the often delayed plan for a large center for the rehabilitation of the disabled in Pyongyang
  • that God’s Holy Spirit will move people to sponsor and provide food, supplies, and rehabilitation for the disabled and orphans in additional North Korean orphanages
  • since the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled has organized a committee for participation in the Paralympics in London this year, that all will go well and that for goodwill purposes, the events will include some of North Korea’s disabled athletes

We praise God and thank each of our supporters, some of whom have helped for many years and others who have more recently provided help for the continuing effort of this ministry. May God refresh us again in this Lenten Season for repentance and renewed commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and God’s mission in the world! God is good in that he provides us with enough strength and health to continue working to reach out to the people of North Korea.
Now in Christ may the peace and reconciliation, the love and mercy of God be at work among those of you who pray in North America and also among the needy in North Korea for whom we pray. 
Yours as always,
Sue and Art Kinsler