Cabwaylingo Presbyterian Chapel

Dear Friends,
The Cabwaylingo Presbyterian Chapel is a beacon of God’s grace and mercy shining in the hills and hollows of Dunlow, West Virginia. The Chapel proclaims the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. The ministries of the Chapel declare God’s love for all people, everywhere. The Chapel’s mission emerges from its core beliefs.

  1. We believe that the mission of the church is to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. We believe that every child has the right to hear and to experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to experience academic success, and to learn Christian values.
  3. We believe that every family deserves adequate food, clothing, and homes that are warm, safe, and dry.

Without the Chapel’s ministries of compassion, homes would not be repaired, supplemental food would not be distributed, used clothing would not be available, and children would not receive new shoes or school supplies. When flood waters rise or the electricity is interrupted, the Chapel provides a place of respite with warm meals and hot showers. The Chapel’s children’s and youth programs enable the children of Dunlow to experience loving and mentoring adult relationships, camp and retreat experiences, service projects, and the world beyond Dunlow.
In 2011, the Chapel’s weekly community youth group averaged 35 children. In addition, a 4-H Club and a Girl Scout Troop reached more boys and girls. Camp scholarships enabled more than 40 children to attend a one-week 4-H residential camp. More than 70 children participated in this summer’s VBS sponsored by the Noroton Presbyterian Church in Darrien, Connecticut. Also in 2011, the Chapel hosted six main work camps repairing 20 existing homes and partnering with Christian Builders to construct one new home. Each month the Chapel distributes food and clothing to 100 families. More than 40 children received school supplies, backpacks, and a new pair of shoes.
Will you prayerfully consider financial support for Cabwaylingo Presbyterian Chapel’s outreach ministries?
In Christ,
Rev. Skip Seibel
Associate Pastor Outreach and Pastoral Care