Bibles for New Christians

Dear Friends,
The Outreach Foundation has established a global Bibles for New Christians fund in order to provide Bibles, free or at a reduced price, to many Christians around the world who cannot afford to buy one for themselves. This fund has enabled us to get Bibles into the hands of believers in Egypt, China, Russia, and several African countries including Congo, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. We always welcome your gifts for Bibles.
We love to share updates from some of our partners with you. Mike Bryant from the Wycliffe Bible Translators recently wrote:
Believe it or not, it has been twenty years since we joined Wycliffe. Eighteen of those years have been in Ethiopia where we have been privileged to: live and grow as a family among people from many nations in a fascinating country; work on Bible translation for the Suri people; see God’s word being planted in their hearts and a church be born; and be a part of serving translation and language development in several of the other 80+ languages in Ethiopia. During these twenty years, translations have started in 33 Ethiopian languages (by SIL and other organizations) and nine New Testaments have been completed. Isn’t God Amazing! We look forward to seeing how he will provide for the 25+ remaining Ethiopian languages that still need the scriptures in their heart language.

The Bible is one of the most powerful means of leading people to Christ in addition to its being the basis for growing in the faith for every Christian life. New Christians in many countries need Bibles in their own language. Please know that there is still a great need for the written Word of God in China, Egypt, Russia, and Haiti, and there is great need for the audio version of the Bible among many peoples of Africa and the sub-continent of India. So many of the new converts may not know how to read or write. We are looking forward to providing audio material in partnership with MegaVoice, which supplies Bibles in an MP3 format for many of the world’s languages.

Friends, there is no greater joy than seeing God’s Word placed into the hands of people who will one day be with us in heaven as a result. Therefore, if you are not already a prayer or financial partner, we invite you to consider joining with us in this ministry. Please let us know how God is leading you.

Grateful for your partnership with us, 

The Outreach Foundation

The Outreach Foundation