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CCAP Community Schools/CCAP Church Construction in Zambia - January 2019 Update

The Outreach Foundation recently received the following message from CCAP Moderator Rev C. Chundas:

Dear friends,

The CCAP Synod of Zambia is so thankful to the Lord for his love and mercy towards his people in our Synod. I want to thank all of the CCAP members for their support and contributions – spiritual, physical and financial. I also want to thank our overseas partners who have contributed by sending us mission co-workers together with prayers and financial support. The Synod really appreciates this support. Partners have supported us in developing the church in many areas; they have also facilitated the funding of many projects. The CCAP Synod of Zambia has various projects which are ongoing, such as construction of the Synod offices and construction of the Chasefu Theological College classroom block.

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Namumu Orphanage Center - January 2019 Update

Dear Outreach friends,

Greetings and Happy New Year! In September 2018, an Outreach team spent three days visiting the children at Namumu Orphanage Center (NOC) near the district town of Siavonga along the shores of Lake Kariba. People in the district rely mainly on fishing and tourism for economic support. Unemployment is very high, and the times are challenging for them.

The Outreach Foundation has been partnering with Namumu Orphanage Center since the early 2000s to support vulnerable and orphaned children with residential care and education. There are currently 22 children in residence (12 girls and 10 boys) ranging in age from grade five through secondary school. We have been working with the NOC board to strengthen this ministry.

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Hope for Syrian Students - November 2018 Update

They were expecting forty-five refugee children this year at the school in Tripoli. When they reached one hundred and twenty-five, they had to stop enrollment as their resources were at capacity….

In 2015 with more than 1.2 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon (60% of those were of school age) the National Evangelical Synod [Presbyterian] Synod of Syria and Lebanon came up with a vision: open a school for 200 of these refugee children and offer them the Syrian curriculum so that they could both build upon their previous education and be prepared to return to their “normal schools” once the war was over. The Synod was not a novice in the field of education, as they have operated schools in Lebanon for over 150 years. Two refugee schools were opened in the Beqaa Valley where vast tent cities of refugees had been formed. Another one would evolve north of Beirut in Minyara, and a fourth was needed south of the capital in Tyre.

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Home of Hope - November Update

Dear friends and partners in the ministry,

We bring you greetings from Home of Hope in Harare, Zimbabwe. Greetings from the Tea and Bread Lady, Joan Trevelyan and her son, Craig Trevelyan; from Dave and Ria Rock and from others like Lucy and Ongai, with whom a team from Outreach – Ted and Sue Wright, Jennifer L. Ellis, Frank Dimmock and Ebralie Mwizerwa – had the pleasure of visiting in early September 2018. The Outreach team also enjoyed meeting with the CCAP General Secretary, Rev. Kingstar Chipata, and CCAP Moderator, Rev. Aston Galanti.

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Hope for Syrian Students and Refugee Appeal - September 2018

In late July I took a small team of women (Sheryl Wood, Evangeline Paschal, Julie Burgess) to Lebanon to participate (for the fifth year!) in a women’s conference held by the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon. With almost 80 women joining us from the Presbyterian churches in Syria, our week together left us with hope as we heard many, many stories of how the war is winding down and peace is on the horizon. But the harder reality is that most of the refugees who fled into Lebanon from Syria are not yet able to return home, largely because they have no home to which to return….and will not, into the foreseeable future. The ministries which serve these refugees continue to engage deeply and compassionately in serving these “neighbors” in Christ’s name. Our team visited with two of them and Julie Burgess reflects upon that experience below (excerpt from trip blog published July 19).
Marilyn Borst, Associate Director for Partnership Development

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Frank Dimmock - August 2018

Dear friends, 

Greetings in the name of our wonderful savior, Jesus Christ!

In June I was back in Gambella, western Ethiopia, helping to facilitate two trainings in trauma healing with South Sudanese refugees. One of the pleasures of my work is being able to return to places I have been, to renew friendships and to encourage and share life with those living in the camps. I enjoy being in Gambella, seeing changes there and meeting many inspiring people. In the first training we used the newly developed audio trauma healing lessons that had been recorded in the Nuer language by a Sudanese American congregation in Tennessee. Over 80% of the more than 400,000 refugees are women and children. And many of them are unable to read the printed trauma healing material. Now they can listen to the lessons, share their own stories, and discuss with the trained facilitators in small groups.

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Stu and Annie Ross - August 2018 Update

Dear friends,

On Friday, August 3 we dedicated our second Linda’s Library at Ngecha’s Girls’ High School. This school is located in a poor area 50 kms (32 miles) north of Kikuyu. There are 280 girls attending Ngecha Girls’ High School.

In addition to the girls, many other people attended the dedication ceremony: the Moderator of the Presbytery as well as three other ministers, the Director of Education from the PCEA Head Office, several chiefs and sub-chiefs of the area, a representative of the local Member of Parliament, a representative from the Minister of Education, and many other dignitaries. In many ways it resembled a church dedication with choirs, dancing and speeches. 

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Tumaini-Huruma Children's Ministry - August 2018 Update

Transformed by Love and Care     
by Amina, in her own words

I was born and brought up in an Islamic religion. One day while living at Tumaini, I had a dream where I was falling in a deep, deep hole and I could see a very bright light shining in my eyes. I called out the name of Jesus three times in my dream, and I saw Jesus' face. He saved me from falling down and picked me up. I woke up crying and prayed. I thought about the dream that morning and I saw that God was trying to speak something to me. Many times I had visions from God reassuring me that he loved me. The image of Jesus picking me up stuck with me. I converted to Christianity in the year 2012 when I was in class 8 (eighth grade).

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Caring for Vulnerable Children in Kamwenge, Uganda - June 2018 Update

From Humble Beginnings
The Kamwenge region became the home for 40,000 returning Ugandans who had fled the country during Idi Amin’s presidency (1971-1979). During this period more than 250,000 Ugandans were murdered and millions more fled to neighboring countries. As time passed and democracy came to Uganda, these refugees returned but lived in abject poverty. The government settled a large number of them in Kamwenge on small parcels of land where they could eke out a living through sustenance farming.

Rev. John Mulindabigwi reached out to the Kamwenge community with the Gospel and began to support these people with relief supplies. Even though people responded to the Gospel, their future remained uncertain due to a lack of education, no sustainable income sources – really a hopeless way of living. John believed that a long-term solution could come only through educational opportunities, economic development, family engagement, and creating collaborative partnerships.

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Namumu Orphanage Center - June 2018 Update

Dear friends,

We have seen tremendous progress at Namumu Orphanage Center since the beginning of this year. We have already celebrated high school, nursing and teaching degree graduations. Namumu now has cattle and poultry to supplement the children’s diets and is earning revenue from selling milk and eggs. The local Siavonga Rotary Club has been involved in helping with renovations, and we are looking forward to more graduations.

This garden is also being revamped. The children are involved in this project which not only imparts a sense of ownership but also trains and equips them in how to earn money and helps to prepare them for a bright future. 

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Refugee/Internally Displaced Persons Appeal - June 2018

They are the most vulnerable of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, these babies…

Izdihar Kassis, director of an outreach ministry called Together, for the Family, met Muhammad when he was only one month old. His family had fled Aleppo and ended up in the Beqaa Valley in western Lebanon. His father found part-time work in construction, but the only home they could afford was a tent – leaky and cold – on top of an apartment building. The mother had to undergo a C-section since there were some complications during Muhammad’s delivery. The United Nations helped with birth expenses, but the family didn’t have resources for Muhammad’s basic needs like milk and diapers.

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Presbytery of Zimbabwe Ministry for Children at Risk - April 2018 Update

Progress Report for the Lovemore Boys
Allow me to begin by extending profound greetings from the Lovemore boys’ family to our beloved partners, The Outreach Foundation and the Presbytery of Zimbabwe (POZ). Thank you so much for offering spiritual, material, emotional and financial support. Indeed, this support has made us very happy and we want to give glory and honor to the Almighty God.

Student Transfer Issues Settled
Nyasha Runodada transferred from Glen Forest High School to Mhondoro Presbyterian High School at the beginning of 2018. He is happy and has settled well in school. School fees for Nyasha were high due to the costs of supplies and other school fee requirements for a first-time student, but he will be paying the same fees as the boys at Mhondoro for the following terms. Many thanks to our treasurer, Victoria Chatikobo, who works hard to ensure all payments are made on time.

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Tumaini Children's Ministry-April 2018 Update

Vulnerable children's ministries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, have developed out of the desire to care for children either left as orphans following their parent’s death or due to abuse or neglect, in most cases dictated by extreme poverty. The Outreach Foundation's Projects Coordinator Ebralie Mwizerwa, Africa Mission Specialist Frank Dimmock and former Outreach trustee Rev. Dr. Eve Tolley recently traveled to Kenya to visit children’s ministries partners at the Riamukurwe Parish. On March 5-6, they met with the board of Tumaini Children's Ministry and worked on important recommendations for the children’s benefits. In this update, Ebralie gives a report of the trip and issues an invitation for the next trip, tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2019.

Upon our arrival at Nyeri, we were well-received at Tumaini and shared a delicious meal with Rev. Nicholas Miriti, parish pastor; Eunice Kago, Tumaini home manager; Peter Mucheru, session clerk; Virginia Munyiri, board secretary, and Fred Magua, Tumaini board chair.

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Home of Hope - March 2018 Update

Dear friends in Christ,

We are excited about what has happened in our country and the possibilities of what can happen to bring the much hoped for and prayed for change for the better in the lives of Zimbabweans. Some of the important promises made at the change of government are slow in being fulfilled. However, we know that our God who has started a good work will bring it to completion.

With the elections speeding closer, we have peace and confidence that our God who sits on the throne is the One who puts leaders into place or removes them according to his plans and purposes. It is wonderful to hear how our current president acknowledges our one and only Creator God in speeches when he addresses groups of people. Our prayers are that God will keep him faithful and rooted in him.

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Christian Education for Presbyterian Children in Rwanda - February 2018 Update

On a typical Sunday at EPR Remera-Kicukiro, you would find hundreds of our members singing, praying, and dancing. Unfortunately, you would also find the children of our church crowded together in an undersized, packed classroom. All of the children of EPR Remera-Kicukiro are forced to share one common space on Sundays. This includes children as old as 14 and as young as three. The classroom is often so overcrowded that children must sit in each other’s laps as they are instructed. They come in large numbers anyway! The congregation has 224 children attending Sunday School classes. Church members who volunteer their time and have Christ’s love for the children serve as teachers. As a congregation, we are thrilled at the opportunity to grow and to count these children as members of our young church.

Because Sunday School and the education of our children is the main focus of evangelism of our church, the vision of our congregation is to make it strong and enjoyable. We know that the secret to having a future generation in the church and nation is to invest in Christian education for our children. 

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Tumaini Children's Ministry - January 2018 Update

Tumaini-Huruma Homes Recent Success Stories

The Outreach Foundation would like to thank each and everyone who made a difference in the lives of children in Nyeri-Kenya. As most of you know, this children’s ministry started by The Very Rev. Bernard Muindi went through difficult and trying times after the passing of Rev. Muindi. We also learned recently about another death at Tumaini – a child named Saitoti who was ill and died after being hospitalized at Tumutumu Hospital. We continue to pray for the young and vulnerable 150+ children who are residents at both the Tumaini and Huruma homes. At the same time, we celebrate the success of those whose lives have been impacted by the Tumaini ministry through your generosity.

It's a bold thing to ask people to give financially to help children in Kenya, but it is also gratifying to know that your gifts have changed the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. It is such an honor to watch the transformation that happens when we listen and obey the voice that whispers in us the message to share resources.

Knowing that our Lord commends us to care for the least of these and to love them as our own children, we would like to share that at the conclusion of 2017 we had nine Tumaini/Huruma students who graduated from various universities in Kenya and entered the job market. They hold degrees in Computer Science, Social Work, Cooperative Management, Education, Wildlife Enterprise Management, Information Technology and more. All these youg people are shining examples of God’s servant leaders who ha

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Home of Hope - December 2017 Update

Dear friends and ministry partners,

At this very special time of the year, we once again greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ as we reflect on our awesome God and Father’s goodness and the powerful work of the Holy Spirit we have witnessed here in Zimbabwe. As Mary did, we rejoice in our Lord God and Savior for the amazing works we have seen him perform during this past year and which we know we will continue to see. His mercies are new every morning and he is doing a new thing in our country.

Praise God that the swelling in Joan’s foot has gone down and she has been more comfortable with it. Dave is also doing better with the back issues he was experiencing. The problem remains but by monitoring his actions/movements (e.g. not working on the vehicles any longer in awkward positions) he is much like he was previously. He just cannot stand for very long anymore. Praise God for both of them and that we can see his hand of protection and healing on them. In the same way, we are confident that our Lord will heal the hearts of Joan and Craig and their family at the unexpected and sudden loss of Joan’s son (and Craig’s brother), Gary. The void such a loss may leave in our lives can only be filled with the knowledge that our heavenly Father can fill such a void with his compassion and love.

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Frank Dimmock - December 2017

Dear friends,

2017 has been a year full of new experiences, blessings and lessons learned. I am thankful that during the challenging times, both personally and for those around me, God has been calling us to trust in him. I am reminded by Isaiah 58:11: “The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.”

The newest country in the world, South Sudan, is at the top of the Most Fragile States list. More than two million South Sudanese are living as refugees. They are part of my concern and my ministry as Africa Mission Specialist with The Outreach Foundation.

During my visit with South Sudanese refugees in June, church leaders stated that healing trauma wounds and memories was a priority for all refugees, adults and children. We then began planning to conduct a training of local facilitators to work with children from each of the six camps for South Sudanese refugees in the Gambella region of Ethiopia.

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