Hola Church in Kenya - Building Churches in Hard Places


We recently received the following information from Stu and Annie Ross, please pray for Hola Church:

The transporters and workers met at our workshop early in the morning to load the ten-ton lorry and transport all the materials needed to build Hola Church. They loaded mabati (corrugated steel sheets), J-bolts to attach the roof to the steel, paint, a welding machine and other supplies and were packed and ready to go by noon.

The trip to Hola was long and treacherous. They drove eight hours until they reached a town called Garissa. They had to sleep there since travelling at night over “No Go” roads, which bandits often frequent, would be too dangerous. They proceeded to Hola early the next morning. Although they only had 150 kms to go (~93 miles), the road was not good. An hour into their journey, they got stuck and had to be pulled out by another lorry. They proceeded on and reached their destination intact.

Hola is extremely remote, located 400 kms (~250 miles) from our base in Kikuyu. The church is surrounded by a large population of Muslims. PCEA Hola Church is the second church we built in this region. They currently worship in a rented store and are looking forward to their new church. With God’s help, this church will be dedicated on May 19, 2019.

Stu and Annie Ross
East Africa Mission Consultants

We will share more information about Hola Church when we receive it from Stu and Annie.