Girls' Education and Rescue Centers in Kenya - January 2019 Update

Dear friends,

We recently visited Grace Girls’ High School and brought a friend who is interested in bringing water to the school. We met with Winnifred, the head teacher. She told us that the school will need another dorm for next year and a large food storage building next to the kitchen.

Our first class graduated last year – 23 girls! We have 80 new students. We have almost completed the dorm for the new girls. This is our fourth dorm; each one holds around 50 girls. With the new arrivals, the student population is about 200.

The gentleman who is helping us with water wants to get five 10,000-liter tanks with gutters for Grace Girls’ High School. We would put one at each dorm and one at the dining hall. We get water now from a good source, but it is available only three hours a day. If the pressure is low, we get little water. Then there are times when the system is down, like last year when we had no water for several months. Getting tanks and gutters would help with these problems.

We brought 45 loaves of bread for the girls and presented them to the new students on the steps of Linda’s Library. The girls were excited to welcome visitors. This school is deep in Maasai Land. Grace Girls’ High School is providing girls with an opportunity to do great things. Girls in this area are often the last to be educated and have the least opportunities. Thanks for your help and prayers.

Stu and Annie

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $70,000 for more classrooms and dormitories and $10,000 for scholarships to pay for the girls’ boarding and education.