Sureste Presbyterian Theological Seminary - December Update

Tabasco, Mexico

New Generations and New Mission Horizons

Sureste Theological Seminary in Villahermosa, Tabasco is a place of strategic involvement for ministry in and from Mexico. Its youthful student body reflects the enthusiasm present in the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico as both the largest Protestant denomination in the country and the largest Reformed body in the Americas.

During 2018, with the help of congregations and individuals in the United States, The Outreach Foundation provided up to half of the tuition as well as room and board for fifteen promising students. Hear from some of them in their own words:

Jerónimo López Luna, fourth year student

I am originally from Chiapas. When I finished high school in July 2014, I served on the session at Horeb Presbyterian Church in my hometown and as a preacher and president of a ministry called “Beacons of Christ.” I thank God that I was born and raised in a Christian family. My father is an elder. My true call to Christianity was at the age of 15. When I left home, I did not feel like walking with God. That was probably because I was getting away from my family. I needed all the encouragement I could get to get closer to God. When I finished school, I decided to serve God and for that reason I started to get involved in my church. Now with that same enthusiasm, I want to learn more in order to better serve God. My call to the ministry came when I was 18. When I saw the needs of my church, I decided to respond to the Lord's invitation.

The reason I decided to study at Sureste Seminary is because it provides me with the materials and tools necessary to serve our God well. It is a reliable option to study and learn to serve the Lord. I am grateful for having been able to become a student in this trustworthy institution.

Francisco Santiago Luna Garcia, fourth year student

My life was a failure because at only 10 years old, I was already very rebellious. At the age of 13, God called me through a very great tragedy. My calling to Christianity happened on the street. As I was heading to do evil, I fell on my knees and gave my life to the Lord without anyone inviting to do it.

Later on, I became aware of the gifts God had given me while studying accounting and music. Now, I am responding to God’s call to serve him as a pastor by studying in the Sureste Seminary of Villahermosa, Tabasco. I am here to learn more about God through his Word so that I can learn more about the life that we have in Christ and about his great love. By doing that, I will be able to share the good news of God’s salvation with others.

Rodolfo Núñez Sánchez, second year student

By the grace of God I was born into a Christian family. It is a great blessing to have grown up in an environment where the Word of God was taught. I have attended Sunday School since my childhood and am currently a member of an international youth movement called Christian Endeavor. As an active member of the church and volunteer at Christian Endeavor, I also help with preaching to the youth mainly at Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church, my home church.

God through his Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to see the great need to train and equip leaders for his work. I have chosen to study theology because I am eager to better understand the Word of God and would like to further prepare myself for the ministry of our sovereign God. Along with these motives, I wholeheartedly wish to be ready to empower more Christian leaders, as well as to be able to teach courses, conferences and other related things. I know that all this is very important to glorify God through my life.

In addition to providing ongoing support to students, The Outreach Foundation is also helping some students and faculty attend a mission conference in Costa Rica January 7-13. Please join us in praying that during that time, they may be able to see themselves coming together with other Christians in Latin America in order to share the message of Christ among people of other cultures that have been much less exposed to it.

With gratitude,

Juan Sarmiento
Associate Director for Mission

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking $25,000 for scholarships and operating costs for Sureste Presbyterian Theological Seminary.