Michael and Rachel Weller - January 2019 Update

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Dear friends and supporters,

Yes, it’s been too long! We've been to the States and back, maybe a couple times since we wrote last. We were there briefly a year ago for the wedding of our son, Thomas, and to meet our newest grandson (Brian's third). And then we were there in the summer for about three months for Interpretation Assignment.

Politically, a lot has happened in Ethiopia in the past two years. The good news is that a new Prime Minister was appointed in March. Dr. Abiy Ahmed is a committed Christian, having learned the faith through the witness of his mother, a member of our partner church, EECMY. His father is a Muslim. Dr. Abiy is the first Oromo Prime Minister, though the Oromo are the largest single ethnic group in Ethiopia. Most importantly, Dr. Abiy is a man of peace and unity. He spent his first months visiting each region and pointing out how each ethnic group in the country is a part of Ethiopia. He asked people to forgive each other and to work towards building peace. In addition, Dr. Abiy has been active in building peaceful relationships with the countries on its borders. Most Ethiopians have been very enthusiastic about their new leader, but, of course, not everyone is happy. Recently, there have been several "ethnic" clashes in various parts of the country, especially in the west. The Gambella Region, where we live, has had its share of those clashes.

We, however, do not live in fear. We are not targets, and we have many friends who keep us informed and protected. Michael continues to enjoy being "just a teacher" since he stepped down from his position of Regional Liaison for the Horn of Africa a year ago. His health has been much better! He taught at two schools at the beginning of this year - the students of one school being mostly Anywaa and the other Nuer. This semester, the ethnic clashes prevented the opening of the Anywaa school, so he is only teaching on the Nuer side of town now.

I have been busy working on plans for the continuation of the Community Health Evangelism program among the Anywaa and Nuer, as well as other groups. Two of my colleagues and I recently presented the vision of the program to church leaders of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Juba, South Sudan. It is always encouraging to work across borders and church lines.

Michael and Rachel Weller

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