CCAP Community Schools/CCAP Church Construction in Zambia - January 2019 Update


The Outreach Foundation recently received the following message from CCAP Moderator Rev C. Chundas:

Dear friends,

The CCAP Synod of Zambia is so thankful to the Lord for his love and mercy towards his people in our Synod. I want to thank all of the CCAP members for their support and contributions – spiritual, physical and financial. I also want to thank our overseas partners who have contributed by sending us mission co-workers together with prayers and financial support. The Synod really appreciates this support. Partners have supported us in developing the church in many areas; they have also facilitated the funding of many projects. The CCAP Synod of Zambia has various projects which are ongoing, such as construction of the Synod offices and construction of the Chasefu Theological College classroom block. Progress has been made, but there have also been challenges, including financial constraints. We are delighted to be operating out of our new Synod offices in Lusaka, although the building is not yet quite complete.

Along with addressing these challenges, there are additional important objectives that the Synod would like to accomplish:

1. To have evangelism at the center of our church – Community Health Evangelism (CHE), Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), Rallies, and Discipleship

2. To develop Chasefu Theological College as a reputable, self-sustaining work-study institute. We have almost completed the administration and classroom block, and we are continuing to develop our college by building a women’s hostel and a kitchen.

3. To improve the water supply at our Synod offices and in the long term to have a solar panel system at the Synod office premises. Having a stable water supply will help our local projects to become effective.

4. To have some of our pastors upgrade their capacity by having seminars and workshops on leadership skills. This is very important in building the leadership capacity. It is our prayer that one day we can have a seminar for the pastors and their spouses.

5. To be able to build a model Early Childhood Development center so that we can help teachers understand what play-centered learning is.

6. To build the capacity of department personnel and executives in proposal writing, program management, and accounting procedures. With available funds, we will have a seminar for all the treasurers. This will help in having accountability and transparency in our church where funds are concerned.

7. To strengthen our Sunday School by empowering our teachers with more knowledge about teaching different age-groups.

We can only accomplish these goals if we are united as a church and come together as children of God. Only when we dedicate ourselves to the church and its endeavors will we accomplish what God has sent us to do.

Remain blessed,
Rev. C. Chundas

In other news, CCAP had their Synod meeting on August 30 in Kitwe where they fellowshipped and discussed the future of the CCAP denomination together with pastors and leaders of the CCAP from all over Zambia. The Synod meeting was opened by Rev. Uel Marrs from the Presbyterian Church of Ireland who introduced the theme of this year’s meeting, “A Good Steward.”

Participants celebrated and thanked God for the ministry of Rev. David Chiboboka, who served 30+ years as a CCAP minister and is now retiring from the ministry. They also elected Rev. Friday Kapaksa as moderator-elect and adopted a new motto for the synod: “In Christ, we worship and serve.”

CCAP Community Schools
CCAP continues to strive to provide an affordable education to orphaned and vulnerable children who otherwise would not be able to attend school. The community school program helps to educate students within a faith-context. Currently, CCAP has 30 schools that are growing, educating 6,000+ students all over Zambia. Though the schools are strapped for finances, books, teaching materials and other resources, the church continues to work with whatever is available. Teachers and staff work tirelessly to provide a safe learning environment for the students, as well as an education that will prepare them for the world and all of its challenges.

CCAP aims to alleviate poverty by introducing new methods to subsistent farmers, as well as providing educational lectures on farming and food conservation. Empowering families is one of the ways to reduce children’s and family’s vulnerability.

Rev. Sevatt Kabaghe
General Secretary

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking $10,000 for CCAP Community Schools and $20,000 for CCAP Church Construction for completion of and furniture for the office building and classrooms for community schools.