Tumekutana Call to Prayer

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September 18, 2018

Updated Information from Tumekutana

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September 11, 2018

We received the following prayer requests for the Tumekutana gathering of Presbyterian women leaders, which is being held in Africa this week:

Beloved friends,

Tumekutana is coming up this week, and the pressure is on for all the final details to come together. We ask humbly for you to fast and pray with us this Wednesday as each woman makes travel arrangements. There are issues arising with visas, airfare, and personal emergencies that are coming up in the last moments and we need desperate and consistent prayer against the spiritual warfare that is taking place this week attempting to hinder each of these outstanding women from attending. As you are praying, here are some specific requests we ask you to take before the Lord:

  • that each country invited will have at least one representative at Tumekutana

  • that every woman who has applied for a visa receives one and that travel plans are booked in a timely and accurate manner

  • for God’s protection over the Executive Committee members and each delegate

  • for Veronica Muchiri, our treasurer, whose sister-in-law passed away suddenly

  • for all those traveling to the meeting (from 23 African countries, U.S., Canada, Scotland, Lebanon) for traveling mercies (see Psalm 121)

  • that God would continue to provide for the financial resources needed

  • that God would thwart any obstacles raised by governments, individuals, or principalities

  • that each woman leaves with the assurance that she reflects the image of God

  • that God is glorified in every aspect and that each woman attending sees God’s hand at work

  • that each speaker will be anointed by the Holy Spirit to speak deeply into the lives of the women attending

Grateful for your prayers and partnership,
Tumekutana Executive Committee and Planning Team and The Outreach Foundation

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