Scholarships for Presbyterians at Protestant University in Rwanda - Update


Dear friends and supporters,

Note from The Outreach Foundation:
Outreach partners with the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda in many programs including church construction, children’s ministries, and training pastors for the growing churches around the country. There are four students graduating this year who have been supported through this project. We would like to continue helping the church, particularly during this time of fulfilling Rwandan government requirements for churches. Please know that the need to train leaders for the Rwandan church is a priority for us. We would like to say “thank you” on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Rwanda and share with you these praises from the students themselves – in their own words.  

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are first-year students in theology at the Protestant University in Butare. We are from the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda, and five of us are sponsored by The Outreach Foundation. The Outreach Foundation also sponsors four students who are graduating this year. We would like to inform you that we are doing well. 

We are comfortable in the PUR community and the environment here in Butare is very favorable for learning. Before coming here, all of us prayed to discern our call in this university after serving God in different activities in our own parishes. We were also praying for scholarships so that we would be able to afford to fulfill our call. God heard our prayers and responded favorably using you to sponsor us. We are so grateful.

We are very happy here. We are working hard and working as a team to help each other understand the material we are learning so that we will be great men and women in ministry serving our Lord Jesus Christ in the parishes where we will be working. We are now in our second semester and just finished taking our mid-term exams.

One of the challenges we have in our learning is that the increasing number of students on campus makes it hard to access basic equipment. Please keep us in your prayers so that God will make a way for us to have the resources for personal computers so that we can work and turn in our work on time.

Every one of us has a favorite subject. We are going to tell you why we like a specific subject. We would like to talk about all the subjects, but this time we will limit ourselves to just one subject each. PUR is such a great institution for higher learning. 

I like systematic theology because through it my own understanding has been changed, and the change has been transformational. I became spiritually mature, and I stand firm in my beliefs.

I like Christian ethics which is helping me form relationships with people from different communities with different behaviors which will be important in my ministry. I also like studying the Greek language which is helping me to understand the New Testament in its context very well. I understand the meaning of the word of God better.

I like Christian ethics because it helps me know my character and the characters of others very well. It also helps me to connect better with people of different behaviors.

I like church history because it helps me know the origins of the church I am called to serve, and the problems faced by the church fathers. These realities encourage me in my ministry because God helped them to accomplish his purpose. He is the same God that will also help me to achieve my objective for the kingdom of God.

I like systematic theology because it helps me to better understand what I believe in. It really is the key to understanding how I can work with different doctrines and how to collaborate with other Christian denominations.

Please help us to say thank you to all our sponsors and to those who sacrifice to give towards our education. Pray also for us that God will empower us for his ministry here in Rwanda and around the world according to his will.

Presbyterian Students at PUR

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking scholarships for $2,000 per year for a minimum of seven Presbyterian students at the Protestant University of Rwanda.