Stu and Annie Ross - August 2018 Update


Linda’s Memorial Library

Dear friends,

On Friday, August 3 we dedicated our second Linda’s Library at Ngecha’s Girls’ High School. This school is located in a poor area 50 kms (32 miles) north of Kikuyu. There are 280 girls attending Ngecha Girls’ High School.

In addition to the girls, many other people attended the dedication ceremony: the Moderator of the Presbytery as well as three other ministers, the Director of Education from the PCEA Head Office, several chiefs and sub-chiefs of the area, a representative of the local Member of Parliament, a representative from the Minister of Education, and many other dignitaries. In many ways it resembled a church dedication with choirs, dancing and speeches. 

The library consists of two sides. One side has books and the other side has book readers – Kindles. We already have six Kindles loaded with 1,500 books and exams taken in the past in many subjects which can be used as study material for future exams. The plan is to have twenty of these readers. The book side of the library has bookshelves filled with 1,500 books on many subjects. This will be a great resource for these high school students.

This library will elevate these girls to new levels. Libraries of this caliber are almost nonexistent in Kenya. The library will open up new worlds to these girls. The principal said that she expects the girls’ grades to improve with the additional resources provided by Linda’s Library.

I am thankful for churches whose very generous gifts allowed us to construct this beautiful building. We are hoping to build one library each year at a girls’ high school. Please consider helping with the building, furniture or Kindles for the next Linda’s Library.


Stu and Annie Ross    
East Africa Mission Consultants

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $50,000 for support, travel and ministry funds for Stu and Annie Ross; $70,000 for more classrooms and dormitories and $10,000 for scholarships to pay for the girls’ boarding and education for the Girls’ Education and Rescue Centers project in Kenya.

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