Tumaini-Huruma Children's Ministry - August 2018 Update

Nyeri, Kenya



Transformed by Love and Care     
by Amina, in her own words

I was born and brought up in an Islamic religion. One day while living at Tumaini, I had a dream where I was falling in a deep, deep hole and I could see a very bright light shining in my eyes. I called out the name of Jesus three times in my dream, and I saw Jesus' face. He saved me from falling down and picked me up. I woke up crying and prayed. I thought about the dream that morning and I saw that God was trying to speak something to me. Many times I had visions from God reassuring me that he loved me. The image of Jesus picking me up stuck with me. I converted to Christianity in the year 2012 when I was in class 8 (eighth grade).

My name is Amina. I was born on November 27, 1997 in a town called Nyeri. I am the third born of five children. I have a big sister who is married now with three beautiful kids. Unfortunately her husband is a drunkard and their family is so much at risk. I have been praying for them; please also pray with me.

The second born is a boy who is now in a vocational training college doing Plant Operating courses. I am the third born, followed by a boy who is also in a children's home but not at Tumaini. He is now 13 years old. He is followed by another boy who is eight years old.

We were brought up by a single mother. It was hard for her to provide for us all. She struggled so much. Even though she struggled, she sacrificed for us to attend Riamukurwe primary until 2009 when she passed away due to tuberculosis. We were left alone with no one to care for us apart from God. We suffered a lot and in the year 2010 my brother (second born) and I were lucky to be taken to Tumaini Children's Home. The two younger boys were taken to a children's home very far away from us, and we have never heard from them again. At Tumaini we were cared for and loved, and we continued with our studies. My brother finished high school in the year 2013. I continued high school while he entered college after struggling to find a job. There are not many jobs for someone with just a high school diploma.

I started singing in church and people would say I have a beautiful voice, so I started taking music seriously. I sing for God because he gave me this voice to sing for him. I love spending time with my friends at Tumaini because they are my only family. I enrolled in technical college in  2017, doing Food and Beverage. I just finished my first module. I am doing an internship in Samburu National Reserve at a hotel called Sarova Shaba Game Lodge.

Amina and Edwin

I feel blessed and happy. This is all because of the support you give to me and others you sponsor. I always pray and give thanks to God for everyone who helps vulnerable children. May the Lord open doors for all of you, in Jesus’ name I pray. The only way I have to thank you is to work hard and give back to others and help them just as I was helped. The other thing I know is that I can give thanks with my voice. Please enjoy this video of my friend Edwin and I praising God with our voices.

Once again, I thank you. Please thank the others who care for and love us without even having met any of us. I can really say without a doubt that many lives have been restored because of your kindness. You definitely have made a huge difference in the lives of children in Nyeri.

God bless you. Loving you so much.

Tumaini July 2018 children.png

Note from Outreach:

Amina is one of thousands of vulnerable children who have been impacted by your gifts. The African saying is true that it takes a village to raise up a child. Tumaini-Huruma Children’s Ministry in Nyeri is one of Outreach’s partners in rescuing and changing children’s lives. To many of you who traveled to Tumaini and experienced this transformation firsthand, this is not just a story but a face you know and have met. In 2017 friends from Arizona, California, and United Kingdom visited and encountered God’s transforming power while interacting with Tumaini children. This year partners from Virginia, Georgia, Florida along with Outreach staff witnessed the joy of the smiling faces of Tumaini children. Outreach would like to sponsor another trip to East Africa in the fall of 2019 to visit partners from the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and also spend time with children at Tumaini. Several U.S. congregations have developed prayer partners/sponsorship programs with Tumaini/Huruma children. Individual lives are being spiritually transformed. If you feel called to go with us or engage in a transforming prayer partnership/sponsorship or want more information, please contact Ebralie Mwizerwa at ebralie@theoutreachfoundation.org or Frank Dimmock at frank@theoutreachfoundation.org.

Read more about Tumaini-Huruma Children's Ministry HERE.

$360 per year supports a primary school child, $500 per year supports a secondary student. We are seeking to raise $80,000 a year for operations which feeds, houses, clothes, educates and cares for these children; $2,200 per scholarship for e-learning and an additional $20,000 for the vocational training center.