City Evangelization, Busanza Vocational Training Center in Rwanda - Update


The Busanza Vocational Training School opened its doors to students in early 2017 with 34 students, 17 in sewing and 17 in hairdressing. The school has a vision to help the surrounding poor community by building the capacity of its population to improve their lives through vocational training. The school was built by the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda in partnership with The Outreach Foundation and started with very few materials, which were donated.

Though the materials were few, we taught the students and they finished the academic year as planned, graduating at the end of 2017. Most of our graduates are employed. In March 2018 when Ebralie Mwizerwa, The Outreach Foundation Projects Coordinator, visited Rwanda she met with some graduates and their employers at their work places. Our graduates were very encouraged by her visit, and the employers spoke well of their job performances.

Our graduates have jobs in several different places in the area. The ones who finished in sewing work in various shops where they earn income by making clothes for people. Those from hairdressing work in different salons in the community and earn a living from their jobs, too. We could go on and on demonstrating the importance of this school and the impact it has on the lives of our community and the nation in general.

People in our community, including the leaders, are very happy because they are seeing good results and lives which have been improved by the vocational training school. Young people are more hopeful, and young mothers have increased self-esteem because they can now help themselves and their families.

Even though they are happy, they have some challenges
After finishing their studies in Busanza some graduates would like to start their own businesses, but they have no capacity (capital) for the essential materials to start their own shops, both in sewing and hairdressing. Some of them are currently using rented materials, which takes away from their profits.

Their wishes    
They are thinking about creating a savings and credit association where they would gather together and share resources, possible because they work in the same place. This would also encourage them to aim for higher revenues. They need to have their own materials (not rented) to capitalize on their income. And they need a house to work in.

We are grateful to The Outreach Foundation for your partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda and the Kanombe congregation, and for building the school. We are thankful for your continued support in improving the lives of our people, especially the young families.

For 2018, we currently have 47 students, 23 in sewing and 24 in hairdressing. The Outreach Foundation sent additional equipment, more machines and other needed materials, earlier in the year. Our students are learning well and will finish the academic year of 2018 without problems. Skills training schools like ours are in line with the vision of the government to encourage the youth to create their own jobs.

In conclusion, the Busanza Vocational Training School is very important for the community, the church and the nation in general. On behalf of the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda, the Kanombe congregation, the students, and Busanza community, we say “Murakoze cyane” (thank you very much) to The Outreach Foundation and their partners for your support for our church, our school, and our nation.

For the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda, Busanza Vocational Training School,

Pastor Denys Niyonsenga
EPR Kanombe Parish

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking $10,000 for equipment for the school and scholarships for needy students.