Don and Martha Wehmeyer - July 2018 Update

Mérida, Mexico

Dear friends,

Greetings from Yucatán. Martha and I were traveling during much of May. We had a wonderful first-time trip to Israel. Our tour took us to see many sites that are mentioned in the Scriptures, and we learned a great deal. We really liked the Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, and of course Jerusalem. What surprised us most was just how small the country really is. We had heard that before we left, but now we know for ourselves that it is really small. Would we go back? In a heartbeat. We were blessed to have been able to go and will savor many memories.

After Israel we went to our retreat with The Antioch Partners, which is held every three years. Mission folks from around the world gathered about an hour north of Budapest. It was great to see friends and hear the great things God is doing in so many places around the world. This time, however, it seems odd to be two of the “seniors” in the crowd. I remember not so long ago looking at the white-haired missionaries and admiring that they were still serving in their older years. Well now we have the white hair and we still enjoying serving in God’s great task of shepherding in the Kingdom of God.

Wehmeyers July 2018 update.png

June 8 was graduation for the San Pablo Seminary here in Mérida. The first picture is with third year students on the last day of classes – we cut class and went for coffee. The second picture is graduation! They are great young people and will serve the Lord well. The group includes Alfonso, who has been my intern for a year and prayerfully will be able to stay on for at least another six months, and Saul, who is going to Bogota, Colombia for a year of mission service! We are excited about future possibilities of Mexican brothers and sisters serving overseas.

Please continue to pray for us and also for both Venezuela and Nicaragua. They are not much in the news in the U.S., but both are having a great deal of political violence. Mexico has a new president as of the July 1 elections, so pray that the country will continue being peaceful.

Write, or better yet, come visit us when you are able. May the Lord’s face shine upon you and give you peace.

En Cristo,    
Donald and Martha                   

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $30,000 for support and program funds for the Wehmeyers, $5,000 for repairs needed for the seminary and some scholarships at Berea Presbyterian Seminary and $9,600 for student scholarships at San Pablo Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Wehmeyers July 2018 update graduation.png