Looking for a special Lenten offering?

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We have a suggestion that will help many Iraqi children.


After years of fighting and fleeing, life is beginning to be more stable for many Iraqis. The Baghdad Presbyterian Church never stopped trying to make life "normal." They continued their worship services and Sunday School. They even continued the Church's popular preschool/kindergarten program. The pastor and elders knew it was important to help be the "anchor" of their community and help provide faith and hope.

Now, with their surroundings a bit more settled, the Baghdad Church is seizing an opportunity to have an even greater impact on the community. They are expanding their preschool/kindergarten with a primary school. And they need our help. 

This year's Lenten/Easter offering is to support the construction of the new Presbyterian Good Shepherd primary school. We invite your congregation to join in on this exciting development effort. What a joy it is to invest in a school that will serve children and families in Jesus' name.

We are providing a bulletin insert that can be used during this Lenten season or on Easter Sunday. CLICK HERE to download the bulletin. Or, if you already have your Lenten/Easter offerings planned but like the idea of supporting the Good Shepherd School, we are offering a non-seasonal bulletin insert as well. Just CLICK HERE for the non-seasonal version that you can use at any time of the year.

If you want to learn more about this special opportunity, contact us at 615-778-8881 or info@theoutreachfoundation.org. And, we wish you a blessed Easter.

The Outreach Foundation Staff

The Outreach Foundation