Tumaini Children's Ministry - January 2018 Update

Nyeri, Kenya

Tumaini-Huruma Homes Recent Success Stories

The Outreach Foundation would like to thank each and everyone who made a difference in the lives of children in Nyeri-Kenya. As most of you know, this children’s ministry started by The Very Rev. Bernard Muindi went through difficult and trying times after the passing of Rev. Muindi. We also learned recently about another death at Tumaini – a child named Saitoti who was ill and died after being hospitalized at Tumutumu Hospital. We continue to pray for the young and vulnerable 150+ children who are residents at both the Tumaini and Huruma homes. At the same time, we celebrate the success of those whose lives have been impacted by the Tumaini ministry through your generosity.

It's a bold thing to ask people to give financially to help children in Kenya, but it is also gratifying to know that your gifts have changed the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. It is such an honor to watch the transformation that happens when we listen and obey the voice that whispers in us the message to share resources.

Knowing that our Lord commends us to care for the least of these and to love them as our own children, we would like to share that at the conclusion of 2017 we had nine Tumaini/Huruma students who graduated from various universities in Kenya and entered the job market. They hold degrees in Computer Science, Social Work, Cooperative Management, Education, Wildlife Enterprise Management, Information Technology and more. All these young people are shining examples of God’s servant leaders who have experienced the Lord through the generosity of his people.

We highlight a few of these successful students here with photos. Our hearts are full of thanks for all of them, for their hard work and for serving as good examples for their siblings.

Successful Trips from U.S. Partners in 2017

It was encouraging to receive this report from Merry Cole Bender, Pinnacle Presbyterian Church in Arizona, who led a trip to Nyeri in September 2017. Merry Cole wrote:

Through the hand of God and the vision of two wonderful men, many of us have fallen in love with Kenya and more specifically the Tumaini and Huruma Children’s Homes. It all began for us with a strong friendship and similar qualities of big dreams between Reverend Bernard Muindi and Reverend Ralph Meredith. Because of this bond, I have been so fortunate to be a part of six different teams to visit there. In November last year, Pastor Ralph asked if I would lead another team so that he and his wife, Gayle could go back and see their dear friends Bernard and Eunice Muindi. Plans began! We also knew that Bernard was working hard to get a vocational program off the ground. Knowing this, we initiated the Muindi-Meredith Scholarship fund at The Outreach Foundation. This fund began immediately helping students who qualify to attend nearby vocational schools. To date, several students have benefitted through these scholarships. We also knew that the fund would continue to help students as they apply to attend the Bernard Muindi Vocational School that is under construction on the Tumaini property.

So, the team formed to be a mighty group of nine. We continued to make plans as I emailed Reverend Muindi and also met with the U.S. partners’ group initiated by The Outreach Foundation.

Sadly, a few months before our departure, Rev. Muindi passed away to be in the presence of God, our God that he had spent his entire life serving so well. Ralph, Gayle and the team were disappointed but we also knew that God had plans for us all the same.

We have now returned and I am happy to report that despite the very sad absence of Rev. Muindi and the space that his passing has left, we were able to still feel his presence through the eyes of the children at both Huruma and Tumaini, and we worked on his vision for a vocational school. It was a wonderful trip of bonding with the children, doing painting and some needed work on the vocational school building and celebrating with the Tumaini/Riamukurwe board as they focus to fulfill Rev. Muindi’s plans and vision.

Along with our U.S. team, we also took five Daystar students from Nairobi and four Tumaini alumni with us; so we did grow in number and hands to work. It was an important aspect as we were able to witness these college students and grads mentor the children of the two homes to know they can and will have a future with determination and faith in Christ.

We also introduced the Days For Girls sustainable hygiene kits to 24 of the girls on the campus: https://www.daysforgirls.org. These kits were sewn for us by a group from Meadows Presbyterian Church in Virginia, another supporting congregation through The Outreach Foundation. They heard about the kits and answered our plea for help to get the 24 made! We had a wonderful session with the girls; the Daystar students and the Tumaini alumni were also excited about this program. The young women were not only trained to use these amazing, life-changing kits but to also learn about empowerment and self-worth. It is our hope that someday these kits can be made and sold from the sewing room at Tumaini.

As the leader of the Hatima Yetu 2017 trip, I sincerely thank The Outreach Foundation and Ebralie Mwizerwa, The Outreach Foundation’s Projects Coordinator, for being the umbrella of leadership and guidance that helps form these trips and partnerships into what they are destined to be. I thank God for being there with us every step of the way and I pray that he will help the people of these beloved homes continue to make them beacons of hope and strength for the smallest among us.

Merry Cole Bender

Outreach Executive Director Rob Weingartner and Africa Mission Specialist Frank Dimmock also visited Tumaini Children’s Ministry in November 2017 and met the board. They were able to discuss the strategic plan and suggested that existing vocational training be strengthened. At the end of this academic year, there are about 20 children from the home who could benefit from vocational training immediately. Three have already embarked on this journey.

Ken Cornelison from Laguna Beach, CA led another trip and brought back some encouraging news about an unusual spiritual bond created through interaction with the children and their sponsors. If you would like to know more about this sponsorship program, please let me know so I can connect you with Ken who administers this program out of the Laguna Presbyterian Church.

Outreach plans to make several follow-up trips to Tumaini in 2018. If you and your congregation would like to connect with these transforming relationships through The Outreach Foundation, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

As always, we are grateful for your partnership with us in sharing the good news of Jesus our Lord.

Be blessed,

Ebralie Mwizerwa, Projects Coordinator

Read more about Tumaini Children's Ministry HERE.

$360 per year supports a primary school child, $500 per year supports a secondary student. We are seeking to raise $80,000 a year for operations which feeds, houses, clothes, educates and cares for these children; $2,200 per scholarship for e-learning and an additional $20,000 for the vocational training center.