Home of Hope - January 2018 Update

Harare, Zimbabwe

Dear friends in Christ, 

At the beginning of another year, we are trusting God for what 2018 will bring in the U.S., worldwide, and our little Zimbabwe. We are filled with so much HOPE in our God who is our Hope of Glory! We see and hear of his mighty hand at work in so many instances. How blessed and privileged we are to be called his children, heirs to his Kingdom and co-heirs with Christ his Son – no longer called servants but friends who walk and talk with him each day along the way and come boldly before his throne of grace. Praise and bless his mighty and holy Name!

Zimbabwe has a newly appointed president promising to eliminate corruption, force the return of vast sums of stolen money, and restore the country to its potential. Though the mostly peaceful military intervention was mainly to secure the ruling party’s position, the population was grateful for the change of president. The country may benefit from Mnungagwa, who is said to be a born-again Christian. He will have to produce results if he is to be elected fairly later this year. There have been too many broken promises in the past. We are optimistic.

Our rainfall levels are poor, 50% less than this time last year. We have two months of the rainy season remaining and a God of wonders, so help us please to pray for rain.

We haven’t been able to get together with Joan and Craig over a cup of tea since early December, so it was lovely when they recently visited us at our home. We enjoyed a relaxing time together. It was a great break for them from the constant noise on their corner of the city street during this very busy time of year. We are all in good health, praise God!

Joan and Craig are so grateful that despite global financial and economic stresses, because of your generosity and faithfulness in support and giving they were able to make a difference in the lives of those who have so little. It might sound a bit boring that it always seems to be clothing and food that are emphasized for giving at Christmastime. However, when living on the streets, clothing wears out much faster than when we live in normal homes, and an article of clothing that looks fresh and sometimes even new has as much value as any other kind of gift.

This year the three groups of sewing ladies were combined for their special Christmas celebration. The Jesus movie was shown in the morning, which they always delight in, then they came together for a lovely lunch of roast chicken and the usual additions. After lunch, each lady drew a number out of a hat and selected an article of clothing from the clothes rack. Throughout the year, folks from Highlands Presbyterian Church supply us with secondhand clothing, always in good condition. The sewing ladies enjoyed having the freedom to select what they would like. There were clothes available for ladies, children and babies.

A few more street mothers and children who are given food weekly were also invited into the Home to receive clothing for Christmas. They enjoyed fruit, sandwiches and tea. These ladies also drew numbers to select clothes, and the children were treated to a sweet and a small toy.

Former street boys including Mike, Ngoni, Anelka, Farai and Fidel were invited for a lunch of roast chicken, sadza (maize), vegetables, and relish plus cool drinks and the special treat of watching the Jesus movie. Wonderful supporter Mary made a cash donation so the boys could go into town and buy something, mostly clothing and shoes. The boys were extremely grateful for this privilege and freedom, especially considering the difficulties of obtaining cash in Zimbabwe.

Joan and Craig were very grateful that the Lord provided sufficient funds for them to buy T-shirts for the men and boys on the streets that they feed every Monday afternoon. Some T-shirts had been donated, but they still needed to buy about 130. They had estimated that they would need to buy shirts for about 170 people. It turned out to be 180 people, and everyone received something. Joan and Ongai handed out parcels to the men and boys which included T-shirts, pants and soap.

Joan and Craig are so thankful to the Lord for the way he has helped Ngoni, a street kid who had been with Home of Hope for ten years. He has now completed seventh grade, the final year of junior high school in Zimbabwe. This is such a milestone in his young but uncertain life. Now the prayers are that our Father in Heaven will provide for his senior school years in 2018.

Mike completed Form 1 (freshman year) and will progress to Form 2 (sophomore) in 2018. He performed well in the second term but struggled in the third and final term. However, Joan and Craig know he works hard and always tries his best. We pray 2018 will work out better for him. Fidel wrote his 0-level (high school) exam. Quite an achievement, our prayers are with him for good and positive results. Farai is starting Form 3 (junior) in 2018. We are still waiting for the results of the other boys. They all need our prayers.

With our love and blessings for 2018 as we strive to serve our Lord in ways that bring him the glory.

Joan, Craig, Ria, and Dave

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking $36,000 for the Home of Hope ministry to street people.