City Evangelization, Busanza Vocational Training Center - January 2018 Update


Amazing Results at Busanza Vocational Training School in Just One Year

The Busanza Vocational Training School was built by the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda (EPR) in partnership with The Outreach Foundation. The school was dedicated in July of 2017. A mission team from Nashville was present for the joyful dedication celebration with this community.

The first enrollment (class) of 34 students (17 in sewing and 17 in hairdressing) graduated at the end of 2017. Of these graduates, 70% in sewing have jobs and 80% in hairdressing are employed. These percentages demonstrate the importance of the school and the impact it has on the lives of our community and nation.

We just started our second enrollment on Monday, January 22 with 26 students registered in sewing and 23 students in hairdressing. One of the students in hairdressing, Ishimwe Sandrine, says: “I decided to come two years after I finished secondary school and was still without job. I see that there is a big opportunity for those who finish hairdressing. They get employed almost immediately or can start their own businesses.”

A student in the sewing program, Yambabariye Charlotte, says she decided to come after hearing about the “Made in Rwanda” program promoted by the Rwandan government. “There is an opportunity for those with this skill. Many clients have moved away from secondhand clothes to new ones. Factories are coming to the country for new clothing lines and jobs are plenty there. I will make money right after my school as every person in Rwanda needs clothes.”

Tailoring and hairdressing are the only trades taught at the Busanza Vocational Training School. It used to be especially helpful for students who had been unable to continue to secondary education from primary to study trades. Today, these skills are an opportunity for many young people to create their own businesses thus moving from job seekers to job creators. Our students in both programs have an opportunity to utilize the skills to improve their lives and their families. Their community has also been blessed with their products. Several students in tailoring are helping repair and sew clothes for people in the community.

The same applies to those who have undergone hairdressing courses. They are already helping young women and ladies with hair treatment and styling, which is a blessing for the community. At the same time, their income level has improved considerably and their lives have been changed forever.

On their behalf, the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda, Kanombe-Busanza congregation, would like to thank The Outreach Foundation and their partners for their support, generosity and advice from the beginning of this project to today.

May God bless you.

Pastor Denys Niyonsenga
EPR Kanombe Parish

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking $10,000 for equipment for the school and scholarships for needy students. 

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