Holistic Evangelism in Tete Province - June 2017 Trip Report

Dear friends and supporters of Tete Province,

This was the eleventh time I traveled to Tete Province, and it may very well be the most memorable! The nine person team, sponsored by The Outreach Foundation, included my wife Elizabeth and fellow Trustee Tom McDow. We arrived at the Tete Province border on Thursday, June 8 with Rev. Nedson Zulu and Sebber Banda and project assistant Rev. Carlos Faquionne. Over the next four busy days, we visited with pastors and church leaders at wells, churches, and schools and witnessed a drama performance on preventing malaria and cholera. These events alone would have made a very successful mission trip. But we also experienced the dedication of the long- awaited Leadership Training Center (LTC).

We arrived at the LTC in the village of Tchessa, near Zobue, on Saturday afternoon and helped Nedson, Sebber, and Carlos attend to some last minute details for the dedication and worship on Sunday. Choirs from all over Tete Province started arriving about 5 p.m. on Saturday. They had come early to sing and praise God for the dedication of the LTC. They filled the church on the LTC grounds and sang from 7 p.m. Saturday until 5 a.m. on Sunday morning. Our team slept in the LTC dormitory and marveled at the beautiful, energetic, and continuous singing through the night.

On Sunday, worship began as we processed with hundreds of our African brothers and sisters from the many congregations a short distance to unveil the road marker for the LTC. We processed back to the LTC to cut some ribbons and unveil the plaques we had brought from home for the LTC. There were prayers of dedication, a history of the development of the LTC, and a sermon. Then, it really became interesting! The LTC grounds were filled with over 900 worshippers, including officials from the Presbyterian Church of Mozambique (IPM) and the government. Each congregation was recognized and they danced their way forward to present their offerings. Each of the many choirs present also danced forward singing with unbridled enthusiasm. Our team was blown away by the outpouring of energy, love, and praise! As the service wrapped up at 12:30, we were amazed that five hours had passed since the beginning.

We were blessed to visit Tete Province and to be with Nedson, Sebber, and Carlos. We enjoyed our time with the congregations and church leaders. The Holistic Evangelism Project continues to grow and impact lives for Christ. We are deeply grateful for the prayers, support, and gifts for this work. We still have matching funds available for new church construction and there are unfunded leadership training events. There is a need for Bibles for the congregations. Gifts of all sizes are welcome. Thank you for your “home team” prayers for our visiting team. We felt your prayers! Please continue to lift Nedson, Sarah, Sebber, and Carlos and their families in prayer. Thank you for your commitment to partner with our African brothers and sisters as we strive together to help build God’s Kingdom in Tete Province. To him be all the praise and glory!

Zikomo kwambiri (thank you very much), 
Berry Long
Trustee, The Outreach Foundation

Enjoy this video from the Leadership Training Center dedication.

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $315,500 for churches, wells, schools, teacher housing, leadership training seminars and center, bicycles and village health kits.