Home of Hope - January 2017 Update

Harare, Zimbabwe

Dear friends,

Home of Hope January 2017 update Joan and woman on sidewalk.jpg

We greet you once again in the precious and mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our hearts overflow with gratitude and awe at how great the love of our heavenly Father has proven to be, and we give thanks for the gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ when we do not deserve such unconditional love. We are also grateful that he has blessed us with the ability to handle and cope with whatever situations he allows to come across our paths, drawing us ever closer in fellowship with him.

We know that in many ways 2017 will be a year of new challenges, but we also know that our Heavenly Father is always there to provide a way and a means, because nothing is impossible with our God of the universe. These scriptures are so meaningful to us:
Proverbs 3:5-6   Trust in the Lord in all your ways and lean not on your own understanding… and he will direct your paths. 
Philippians 4: 6-7   Be anxious for nothing, but in all things, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, make your petitions known to the Lord. And the peace of God… will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.    

It is a pleasure to report that Talent, Mike, Tanya and Kuda are now off the streets, thanks to your support through the years. Home of Hope has been assisting these boys for several years, and we are so happy they are now living in a home and being cared for by Tatenda and Jerry. They still receive help with food from Home of Hope, and for the past two months they have been coming on Friday afternoons for lunch, a movie, cool drinks, and cake. Joan and Craig arranged a trip to the Lion and Cheetah Park recently for the boys under Jerry and Tatenda’s care, and Tatenda and Jerry paid for the trip. The boys had a great time.

Farai is a street child who will be moving on to senior high school next year. Munashe (senior) and Ngoni (junior), who have been helped by Home of Hope, now live in a home and are leading a stable life. 

Precious is in seventh grade and has done very well in school. She works hard and is usually at the top of her class. In the third and final school term of the year, we rejoice that we have been able to help approximately 30 children attend school. Most of these children belong to mothers who come for sewing classes. 

Ten of the sewing ladies recently graduated after six months of training. They designed the clothes they modeled at graduation, made from materials they purchased themselves. They were very grateful for God’s goodness in providing $30 for each of them to start their own business. They also received a bag of maize meal. 

Home of Hope has received donations of food and clothing from individuals, from Highlands Presbyterian Church through Dave and Ria, and from Joan and Craig’s doctors. God is so awesomely good in the way he touches people’s hearts to give. The trainee mothers were greatly blessed with clothing from these heavenly supplies! 

After some disruption in the food distribution routine, we are once again providing food every Monday afternoon to people on the street outside Home of Hope, mainly men and boys. Their numbers vary between 100 and 150. A smaller number of ladies, usually only 10-12, are also helped but at a different time of day than the men.  

During the Monday afternoon food distribution, one of the men prays first then everyone sings some worship songs before the food is given out. Those who need medication or help to go to the hospital clinic are also assisted at this time.

In addition to the regular food sharing time, there are also daily individual requests for help with food, medicine, and hospital clinic assistance. These people are usually given a banana, packet of maputi (roasted corn), and some bread if available.

We are so grateful for your continued partnership, as we serve God’s poor in Harare in ways that make his love more real in their lives.

With our love and blessings for 2017,

Joan, Craig, Ria and Dave, Lucy and Ongai

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Outreach is seeking $30,000 for the Home of Hope ministry to street people.