Linda's Library - February 2017 Update

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Grace Girls' High School

Dear friends and family,

We are happy to report that the building for Linda’s Library at Grace Girls’ High School is now complete! Pictured at right, the white you see on the roof is sun reflecting off the roofing.

In January, we had the furniture made, tables and chairs. They were delivered to Grace on February 7. On February 8, Annie, David and I went to the site to place the furniture in the two main rooms. Traveling to the site is always an adventure – especially when you leave the paved road. It is about an hour’s drive through the bush on a bush “road.” On the drive, we saw about 200 camels in one herd and two dyk dyks, which are the smallest antelopes. We did not see any elephants on this trip, but the water supply at Grace was interrupted the previous night when elephants broke the pipe looking for water. 

The library is really taking shape. We only have about 200 books, but all the groups coming this year will be bringing books (including me). The room that you see with the furniture is the reading room. The other side of the building will be the digital library. That furniture is being made. Apple is designing software to accompany the thirty iPad Minis for the digital side. Each iPad will be loaded with approximately 1,500 books. Each of the 120 students will be able to read in the library or check out an iPad to read in their dorm rooms. The digital library is one of the first in Kenya, and the Kenya Department of Education wants to look at it when it is finished.

The principal at Grace Girls' High School is very excited about the furniture and library!

The principal at Grace Girls' High School is very excited about the furniture and library!

This library was built by friends to honor my late wife Linda, a beautiful lady who loved books and loved girls. When it is completed, I think Linda would be very happy and proud!

The library fund is still open, and if enough money is raised over the next year we will build another library at Kimuka Girls' High School, the largest Maasai girls boarding high school and rescue center.

Grateful for your partnership.

Grace Girls' High School students

Grace Girls' High School students

Blessings to you all,

Stu Ross
East Africa Coordinator


The Outreach Foundation