Nile Theological College - December 2017

Sudan and South Sudan

Dear friends,

Nile Theological College carries on its ministry in North-East Africa through its campuses in Juba (Republic of South Sudan) and Khartoum (The Republic of Sudan). Each location has its own unique character and lives out the calling to develop Christian leaders in very distinctive ways amid formidable ethnic and religious tensions. The Khartoum campus recently sent us a moving update worth celebrating.

Leading to a bachelor’s degree, Nile Theological College (NTC) in Khartoum offers the highest level theological training institution in the Republic of Sudan. Presbyterians, Episcopalians and members of other Protestant traditions attend school there. 

With ninety-eight percent of the population of the country being Muslims and seven percent of the population having access to college-level education, the school plays a crucial role in the current and future life and witness of the church. As only eight percent of those attending college in the country are women, The Outreach Foundation comes alongside the efforts of Nile Theological College in support to its female students.

Umjuma Abdu Haran is one of the students who is being trained at the Nile Theological College in Khartoum. She first came to faith in Christ at a youth conference held in that city in 2000. While attending NTC she has learned to develop curriculum for people of different ages in schools and churches, speak publicly, prepare sermons and other important communication skills.

After graduation, her goals include serving in the church by continuing to teach her Sunday School class, presenting about Christianity in schools and organizations and initiating classes to equip others in the practices of evangelism and preaching.

When asked about her vision Umjuma says, “My vision is to preach the word of God and to teach the coming generation to know and understand the word of God as well as to make a change in their future life and their churches.” She requests prayers “for good health, power to serve Jesus and complete my studies and achieve my future goals and vision.” In relation to those that make possible her theological studies through their financial contribution she expresses, “I give thanks to Jesus who put this desire in their hearts to help those of us being prepared to help extend the Kingdom of God and fulfill the Great Commission.”

Nile Theological College has made its mark on Sudan for over twenty-five years through pastors who serve churches, teachers of religion in the schools and Christians serving in the government. Our support makes it possible for this generation of students to prepare to make a similar impact.

You may send a gift for scholarships for students like Umjuma by sending a check to our office address (below) or by clicking HERE. Please designate you gift to Nile Theological College. With your support, the church in the Republic of Sudan is being strengthened and the message of Christ is being proclaimed in word and deed among many that have not had the opportunity to consider it before.

With gratitude, 

Juan J. Sarmiento    
Associate Director for Mission

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $10,000 in scholarship support for students at Nile Theological College.