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At Outreach, we’re honored that God calls us to work with partners around the globe to help bring the gospel message to those in need of his saving grace. With gifts from people like you as well as churches and organizations, we work with our partners to build churches, provide relief to beleaguered Middle Easterners, train evangelists to share the Good News and so much more. But, we cannot do it without your help. We invite you to make a gift to help us continue our work with our global partners. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of people who need to know his love.

Taping a segment of "Our House, Our Church" in the United States

As a gift to you, we would like to share a story of God's saving grace in a very difficult place: Iran.

Sasan had just finished taping another segment of “Our House, Our Church," a house church worship service that would soon be broadcast by satellite into Iran. He glanced down at his phone and noticed a new email. It was from a Muslim woman living in Iran who watches “Our House, Our Church” on satellite TV.

She thanked Sasan for the program and said she records the video, then watches it several more times. She said she even listens to the audio on her MP3. She expressed gratitude to Sasan, saying, “thank you for teaching me how to pray,” but she followed up saying she was still a practicing Muslim. Sasan continued to email with her, suggesting she get together with some of the house church counselors in Iran. She did so.

Recently, Sasan heard from her again, joyfully proclaiming, “I am now praying in the name of Jesus!” 

No matter how much bad news you hear coming out of the Middle East, God is at work. In fact, in Iran, more Muslims have become believers in the last 14 years than in the previous 1,300 years combined! That is God at work.

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