Sasan Tavassoli (Outreach) - August 2016 Update

U.S.A. and the World

Dear friends and supporters of the Tavassoli family,

On Friday, July 15, just as I arrived in Paris on my way to Turkey I discovered the horrible news of a terror attack that had taken place hours earlier in Nice, France. Later that afternoon, a few hours after I had arrived in Istanbul, the country experienced a shocking, bloody but short-lived coup. I was there to teach at a conference for house church leaders from Iran. Although a number of our hotel windows were smashed and at one point some armed men came inside the lobby of the hotel, we generally felt quite safe, and it turned out to be one of the best trips ever in all my years of ministry! 

In a world filled with violence, uncertainty and turmoil God is sovereignly at work and the Gospel is moving forward. During my two week trip to Turkey, I received many heartwarming affirmations and encouragements from numerous believers from Iran and around the world about the impact of my teachings on satellite TV over the past ten years. A couple had lost their young son in a tragic death and as a result had given up hope on God and their future. But somehow God used my messages to renew their faith and call them to full-time ministry. A young Iranian church leader in Turkey used to be in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. When he arrived in Turkey, some friends gave him DVDs of my teaching on Islam and as a result he eventually came to faith in Christ. Another Iranian Christian leader from Norway told me how they had distributed some of my teachings among Afghan refugees in that country with the result that a number of Afghans came to Christ after watching my programs. An Iranian Christian lady called me from the UK and shared that she had become disillusioned with the church and was about to walk away from her Christian faith, but God used my teachings not only to save her marriage but to give her a fresh perspective on the love of God and a renewed commitment to Christ. 

Another great highlight of this year was the opportunity to travel with my wife to United Arab Emirates. I taught at an Iranian Christian conference, and Kenna and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary by going on a desert safari! It was one of the first times that Kenna was able to travel internationally with me and meet many of my Iranian friends in person. 

I am continuing to produce more of our special series of TV programs called, “Our House, Our Church.” These are hour- long programs where we model how Iranian believers can have church in their homes in Iran where it is no longer possible for Christians to attend an open church. In fact, it is illegal for believers to gather at all as a group (even in a home) for worship. These believers are brave! Along with these TV programs produced in a professional studio, I am also teaching a weekly online class from my home on church planting and leadership development for Christian leaders in Iran and around the world. I also produce short video clips that are circulated on social media.

The Iranian government continues its arrest and persecution of Christians in Iran and many prominent Muslim clerics are now publicly voicing their concerns about the growth of house church movements in Iran. Some of this growth is happening in even the most religious Islamic cities in Iran like Mashad and Qum! All of this is a strong confirmation that our programs are making a significant impact in inspiring and encouraging these movements in Iran. 

Looking ahead, the rest of the year will take me to California, Texas, Missouri, North Carolina, Alabama, England and Turkey. I am especially looking forward to my first trip to Australia for ten days this September. Many Iranians are coming to faith in Australia. I have been invited to teach a week-long conference for believers in Melbourne as well as speak to Australian churches on reaching Iranians with the Gospel. 

I will be most grateful for your prayers as I travel and teach as well as for Kenna as she stays back home for extended periods of time without any of our kids around! (Our son Kalen will be off to Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC at the end of August and our daughter Karisa will continue to live and work in St. Louis for AmeriCorps helping disadvantaged high school graduates transition successfully into college).

I am always mindful of the fact that I am where I am in life and do what I do in my ministry because of all of YOU! It is your love, support, prayers and encouragement over the years that have empowered me to move forward and continue to equip and resource the Iranian church. Thank you for your friendship and partnership!

Your co-laborer in Christ,

Sasan Tavassoli

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