Home of Hope - July 2016 Update


Dear friends,

A special prayer of thanksgiving from Joan, Craig and the staff at Home of Hope, to which Dave and Ria say Amen.

Heavenly Father, we thank you above all for loving us so much that you sent your only begotten son, Jesus, to walk with us sinners, to be with us in the flesh, showing us your amazing love, grace and mercy. Thank you, Jesus for dying for us sinners on the cross as our substitute so we can have a new life, an eternal life, set free from the bondage of our sin, to be forgiven and to be given the free gift of salvation. We thank you Lord for all those who have given so much love and care for the poor of Zimbabwe and who have given us at Home of Hope so much support. We pray that you will bless them, guide them, protect them, heal them, shine your face upon them, their families and friends and fill them with your peace. Thank you for your amazing grace, we pray this in the precious name of Jesus.  Amen.

Joan and Craig were recently given the opportunity to visit a prison. This has always been close to their hearts, as mentioned in Isaiah 6l: l-5 where Jesus came to set the captives free. Anderson, a contact at a local church where the Home of Hope boys are baptized, is part of a group of nine people who make prison visits. Joan and Craig went with him to a local prison where they visited the nursery school Anderson was involved in establishing for children born in the prison. This turned out to be a very joyful occasion of sharing. Twenty mothers were brought along to participate, and they all received a Bible. Anderson’s group didn’t have enough Bibles, so Joan and Craig were able to contribute eleven New Testaments which they had been able to purchase for 50 cents per copy – an amazing price for Zimbabwe. They had a time of prayer together, and the women were shown how to look up the books of the Bible. The two pastors gave a message on forgiveness – what a blessed time. The prison guards were also given Bibles as well as much sought after soap and Vaseline which protects the skin from drying out. Joan and Craig brought a packet of large sweets called ‘apricots’ to hand out, a favorite with all children!

The Tuesday and Thursday dressmaking groups have now completed their course with 19 graduating. One of the mothers could not attend the graduation as she was attending her baby’s funeral – like a stab to our hearts. This graduation was quite different from the ones before. The graduates were given the usual instruction on dressmaking skills and designed their patterns but had to use their own money for material and accessories to make their dresses to model at graduation. On graduation day they were given a gift of $30 to purchase material and accessories to start their own projects to sell. 

The day was the usual joy-filled occasion with much singing, hugging, laughter, clapping and thanksgiving to the Lord for blessing them with the physical and mental abilities to achieve their goals. The graduates expressed their appreciation to their teacher, Lucy, and then she introduced each one. Ongai was recognized for her cooking and hard work, and Joan expressed her and Craig’s appreciation for each woman’s efforts and achievements. They enjoyed a hearty lunch prepared by Ongai – roast chicken, rice, vegetables, cool drinks and cupcakes. They were also given $1 each for the final ride home at the end of their course. The children were each given a handmade knitted toy donated by a member of Highlands Presbyterian Church. Hopefully these mothers will stay in touch with each other and encourage each other in the Lord who is forever with them!

There are various reasons that these mothers seek instruction from Home of Hope. Some of them finished school but could not find jobs; some are single mothers; some are sick with HIV; some are taking care of relatives’ children. They were all helped with a food parcel every month and some of their school fees, which they were especially grateful for.

Weekly Feeding
Joan and Craig regularly hand out 130 loaves of bread, penny cools (freeze pops), maputi (roasted corn) and soap, always accompanied by prayer. If the Home does not have bananas from its prolific tree, they buy bananas from the street vendors, which helps their plight in our harsh economic times. Following the distribution of food, they share over the counter medicines including cough syrup, pain killers, diarrhea meds, burn ointment, and antiseptic and just enough money to visit a clinic or hospital. Every day God opens the door for the Home to minister to so many diverse but real needs, always acknowledging him by word, prayer, a Bible gift, and thanksgiving.

Much love and blessings from us all. May you, too, be blessed for your kind hearts and giving spirits.

Joan, Craig, Ria and Dave

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Amount needed in 2016

The Outreach Foundation seeks to raise at least $5,000 per month for Home of Hope for school tuition, uniforms, food, medicine, transportation, training for mothers and operations. To make a donation, click the Donate Now link in the sidebar.

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