Tumaini Children's Ministry - November 2016 Update

Nyeri, Kenya

Dear partners and friends of Tumaini Ministry and the Riamukurwe Parish,

Those of you supporting Tumaini Ministry in Nyeri are aware of its importance in a country like Kenya, where there are a growing number of children living on the street and orphaned due to various reasons. Currently over 250 children residing at Tumaini and Huruma attend both primary and high schools in the area.

The hope brought by witnessing the love of Christ to these vulnerable children is bearing fruit in wonderful ways. Some talented young people have completed high school and, with help from this ministry, are pursuing vocational training and university studies at several institutions of higher learning. Their success is a great witness of the church in the gospel message to care for the least of these in Christ’s name and a great inspiration to the younger children in the program.

This year Mercy Wangiku Waihuini, tennis champion, received a full scholarship to Kenya Methodist University. She has started her classes and is very happy to be pursuing higher education.

A vocational training program, including computer and sewing classes, serves post-secondary students and people from the community. Work has begun on an expanded vocational training center that will permit the program to offer more courses such as carpentry, auto mechanics and body repair, plumbing and electronics repair. We are also excited about the e-learning program, an online course now in partnership with Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) and other universities around Nyeri.

Anne Wandimi has been with the home for a number of years and is supporting the Tumaini board in its effort to grow the e-learning program. She writes:

“I am so happy that the e-learning program benefits our students and the community. What I like about our partnership with KEMU is the quality of education. The students perform so well, and they are very sought-after in the job market. We will work hard together to see that our e-learning facility at Tumaini continues doing well.”

The Tumaini children are already using the campus library at KEMU. They are allowed to use all the facilities in the main campus as regular students, and they are able to schedule appointments with professors if they need any help.  

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for opportunities to open up for the children when they leave the home.
  • Keep praying for the staff, matrons and all the children at both homes.
  • Please pray for the Tumaini children who are sitting for their national examinations.

As always, we are so grateful for your support,

Ebralie Mwizerwa               
Projects Coordinator


Gifts of $360 or more per month totaling $80,000/year, $2,200 per scholarship for e-learning and an additional $20,000 for the vocational training center.

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