Todd and Maria Luke (Outreach) - December 2015 Update

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Dear friends,  

Twenty years ago, I packed a bag to move to Xpujil full-time. Thanks to you, I can look back with tons of great memories and look ahead with hope and excitement. 

From my front row seat, I marvel at this ministry that, by design, leans heavily on its partners. Your participation and commitment allow us to continue to make an impact in the Xpujil region. I am blessed to be a part of it. Hundreds of families, from both sides of the border, dedicate time, talents, and treasure to form this unique partnership. Thank you for your role. Truly, I cannot thank you enough.

A Bit of What We Have Done

369   Total number of cisterns built
29      New cistern-owning families in 2015
4.5     Million gallons of water we expect our cisterns to supply in 2016
3        Number of molds that we will use to build cisterns beginning in 2016
$59,000  Repayments, in pesos, made by cistern owners in 2015

A Little News

Long-time Presbyterian cistern building foreman, Raul Vazquez, was recently elected to a three year term as Commissar of his village – Castilla Brito. His new administrative responsibilities require him to be in Xpujil or Campeche City almost every day. Raul will be a great blessing to his village – John Calvin would be proud. Unfortunately, Raul will not have time to build cisterns. This is a huge loss, but it motivates us to encourage several of our young apprentice builders to take on more responsibility. Raul cannot be replaced, but we pray for God’s guidance as our head foreman, Victor Guzman, equips a new foreman or two. Please pray for Raul and his family and for Victor.    

Looking Ahead

We plan to build nine cisterns during January 2016. Two groups from the Memphis area will help build them, but funding will also come from several American donors, mostly churches. A few other groups have an eye on Xpujil for 2016, but we have room for a couple more. Financial gifts are so valuable, but cool things happen when folks work together, on-the-ground, face-to-face. Our cistern work always reminds me that healthy relationships involve folks that are open to serve and be served.

Strength and humility are a balance hard to find but so powerful when achieved. We were created, in part, to be members of a family and to work hard to meet its needs. When we build cisterns, we promote this divine call. How great it is to have an opportunity to join work, faith, and families in one activity.For our work groups, it makes for a satisfying vacation. If it's been awhile since you've tasted that, or you know a few folks that may want to, then please talk with your family and friends, check your 2016 or 2017 calendar, and feel free to give me a buzz.

Thanks again. Muchas Gracias.

Todd Luke
cell (847) 867-0085

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Amount needed in 2016

The Outreach Foundation seeks to raise a minimum of $3,100 per month for the Luke's support. To make a donation, click the Donate Now link in the sidebar.

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