Don and Martha Wehmeyer (Antioch Partners) - June 2015 Update

Mérida, Mexico

Serving through The Antioch Partners – a strategic alliance of Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship and The Outreach Foundation

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the name of the Lord. Martha and I trust you are well and practicing the faith of Jesus in each moment of your life. El Señor es nuestra Dios ahora y para siempre! Él vive!

We have good news concerning our daughter Kristen. She has finished her B.S. in nursing, working mostly on-line for over two years after receiving her R.N. license. We are very proud of her and will go to Dallas to see her ceremony. Hurray!

In mid-April I had an ebullient retreat in Atlanta with an esteemed group of motley pastors and friends. The music, fellowship and spiritual direction were awesome. I am inspired to live into the daily walk with Christ in the smallest details, making every thought captive of Christ.

Recently, I went to Puebla, Mexico, with a new member of the Del Rio church. Together we taught several classes to the leaders of the Presbyterian Church there. It went very well with over 40 in attendance. The city itself was very calm, no hint of the narcotic wars that so terribly affect Northern Mexico. One interesting site we visited was in the small city of Cholula. There is an old Aztec pyramid there and a beautiful Roman Catholic Church built on top of it. We saw the cornerstone which said that church was built in 1542. In other words, exactly fifty years after Columbus put the new world on the map, new church buildings were literally being placed on top of the old pagan culture. It might not be politically correct to destroy pagan cultural monuments today, but I wonder if anyone really wants to preserve the horrible tortures and mass executions the Aztecs practiced for a thousand years. 

The conquest of the Americas did have enormously tragic events; for example, all the original Caribbean islanders were exterminated by disease and battle, yet the town of Cholula today is peaceful. The people are courteous and kind to strangers like myself. Would the ancient Aztecs have been so disposed? I agree the means used by the Spanish were not acceptable – I wish they could have established the peaceful Cholula of today without having made war on Montezuma – but if we compare one civilization with the other, there is no doubt which is more respectful of human life.  

Martha is planning on spending most of June in Mérida to help with the retreat center. I will be in Yucatan in July for the presbytery meeting and, prayerfully, make a trip to Chiapas. Please keep these plans in your prayers. 

Please don’t hesitate to write with questions about the ministry in Mexico. If you are interested in scheduling a mission work trip, we are always eager to help with that.

Martha and I are grateful for your prayers and support. We are still building our support base for our continuing mission service as we prepare to return full-time to Mexico, and we are thankful for your commitment. David (prayerfully) will finish his university studies in December, and we will be free from that financial challenge. 

Here is a picture of a conference I led in Mérida, Yucatan in late March. 


Donald and Martha Wehmeyer
Hispanic Ministry, The Antioch Partners 

(512) 909-8957

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