Street Children's Ministry in Kigali - March 2015 Update


Dear Friends of Rwandan Children,

The “Centre Presbytérien d’Amour des Jeunes” (CPAJ) is a faith-based community organization in Kigali, Rwanda founded and operated by the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda. CPAJ opened its doors in 1998 with the vision of reducing the social-economic vulnerability of youth, young adults and their caretakers in Rwanda in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide. You may recall that in that terrible time one million people lost their lives in 100 days. 

The mission of CPAJ has always been to improve the well-being and educational opportunities for children and to provide life skills for the most disadvantaged groups in Rwanda through education and skills development. The focus is based on four thematic areas: education, health, social-economic development and evangelization. Vulnerable children are the targeted population, especially street children and youth and their families that live under the poverty line. 
CPAJ is currently serving 236 youth and young adults including: 

•    50 children who were living in the streets and are now residing at CPAJ 
•    36 students who are attending the secondary school
•    150 boys and girls who are in professional training (hairdressing and tailoring)

All of the residents at CPAJ have been reintegrated into school. Of those 50 residents, we have one senior in high school, three in vocational training and forty-six in primary/elementary school. In addition, CPAJ serves 63 kids in different primary schools that were with CPAJ and are now reunited with their families but are still in need of school supplies and uniforms. CPAJ contributes to their education each year. In the last three years, CPAJ has impacted the lives of 245 youth, young adults and street children. Those who finished the vocational training are now employed and some are self-employed. This has led to job creation and a reduction in unemployment, rather than these children living as street children or joining the prostitutes and homeless ranks. 

We rejoice in having produced five children who graduated with high performance marks and have enrolled in different public universities. This offers our ministry hope of sustainability and makes us strongly believe in its continuation. It is sometimes hard to believe that a child who had acquired a street culture would turn around, but we see it over and over and we praise God who changes their hearts and gives them a new purpose in life.  

Allow us to express our special thanks to The Outreach Foundation and our U.S. partners who contribute to this ministry in various ways providing funding for both primary and secondary students and partnering with us in the completion of a multipurpose hall on CPAJ campus. 

The multipurpose hall is paramount and will help CPAJ  realize its dreams. It will provide a large room for games, theater and conferences for CPAJ’s youth. Chapel and other Christian activities for the children’s spiritual enrichment will also take place in the hall. The multipurpose hall could also be rented out to the community for district conferences and wedding ceremonies, which would generate some revenue for CPAJ. This revenue will help us continue our plan to support these vulnerable children and their families.

Again we are so grateful for your support, and we pray that the Lord will continue his blessings on you and your ministry to vulnerable children.

In Christ, 


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Amount needed in 2015

The Outreach Foundation seeks to raise at least $10,000 per month for the completion of a multipurpose hall and $10,000 for scholarships and medical assistance for the children. To make a donation, click the Donate Now link in the sidebar.

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