Join us to see how God is working through Iranians in Diaspora

We at the Outreach Foundation are excited to invite you to join us on a journey to come and see how God is at work among millions of Iranians around the world. Many mission leaders acknowledge that Iran is experiencing one of the fastest rates of church growth in the world today. You can come and be introduced to some of the key leaders and ministries who are involved with leading that growth among the Iranian people.  

Because of the restrictions that exist inside the country of Iran, we will be visiting Iranians in the diaspora. More specifically, we will be visiting Iranian Christians in London and Istanbul. We will hear not only stories of how Iranians are coming to faith in Christ as they leave Iran and find a new home in the West, but also how Iranian believers who live outside of Iran have a significant impact on the growth of the house church movements back in Iran.  

On this trip we will have an opportunity to worship with our brothers and sisters from Iran both in London and Istanbul. We will hear many testimonies of how Iranians are being drawn to Jesus and how their lives are being transformed as a result of their encounters with Christ in the midst of much persecution and suffering. We will be visiting an Iranian Bible college where Iranian leaders are using the latest cutting edge technology to train house church leaders in Iran. We will visit an Iranian Christian satellite TV studio and watch a live broadcast of Farsi programs and hear about the phenomenal impact that these TV programs are having on the Iranian population. We will meet with the director of the newly launched Iranian Bible Society in diaspora and hear about how the Word of God is being spread all over the Iranian world.

We are all looking forward to this fantastic trip in April of 2016! Come with us and experience firsthand the awesome ways that Jesus is building his Church among the Iranian people!

Space is quite limited. Contact Lisa Dill at for more information. 



The Outreach Foundation