Gordon and Dorothy Gartrell (PCUSA) - July 2014 Update


Growing Spiritually and Remodeling Materially

Dear Friends,

In May we celebrated Family Month by having a week of daily Bible studies each evening, led by a different person. Many of the people asked to lead the studies said they didn’t feel that they could do it, but everyone did a wonderful job. It was refreshing to experience different styles of presentation.

The youth class is growing spiritually, too. In Sunday School they are studying about who God is. Rachel, the teacher, wasn't comfortable leading those lessons. She wasn't sure she could properly answer the various questions that arose. Gordon is teaching the class with her, so that together they can properly address all the subjects they're covering. 

The adults are studying about faith and family issues. More people are attending that class, too. 

The church building had a wall around it, as most buildings do in Brazil, or iron gates. The members wanted the church to be a more inviting place where EVERYONE felt welcome. The wall in front of the church is being torn down and iron gates put up. We were going to have a building campaign to remodel parts of the sanctuary. Two families offered to give major portions. One family is buying the church new windows, and another one has offered to buy a new floor. The church has a tile floor that has been there for over fifty years. Others will have to pay for the labor and supplies needed to make this possible.

It's wonderful to see people excited about learning about the Lord and proud to be Presbyterian. They want others to learn about walking with the Lord, too.

A MAJOR event in Brazil was the hosting of the World Cup. A lot of money was spent on new stadiums, better roads and airports, etc. Unfortunately Brazil didn't win. 

The people want more money spent on education and health care now. Please pray that Brazil can do that without any violence or rioting!

Brazil is facing a presidential election this year. From now to the election in early October, all forms of media will be flooded with political advertisements. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the people as this process gets under way.

We will be in the U.S. from November 2014 to April 2015. We're excited about sharing stories and pictures of our work with you. We will be able to see our family and friends, too! Please contact us at dorothyandgordongartrell@gmail.com if you would like us to visit.

Thank you for your prayers and notes of encouragement. We couldn't do our work without your gifts and prayers.

In Christ,

Gordon and Dorothy Gartrell

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