Camp and Conference Center - August 2014 Update

Central Presbytery, Cuba

Dear Friends,

By our standards it’s a pretty scruffy place: a couple of thatched-roof gazebos with a lot of sky showing through; cramped, dingy cabins; a kitchen that produces over 100 meals at a time in what looks like a “pioneer era” set-up complete with scrub brush-fired “cooktops.”

Yes, there is a concrete swimming pool, but without an adequate filtration system it needs to be partially drained every day and refilled to keep the water somewhat fresh. No playground or athletic courts. There IS one new dorm that has the luxury of A/C window units, but it only accommodates 30 people.

But each week of every summer, about 120 kids descend on the place, stretching the aging infrastructure to the max. It is the Camp and Conference Center of the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba, located in the Central Presbytery. For our partner church, it’s the only one of its kind. Most campers cannot pay for the actual cost of their fairly Spartan stay, so local congregations help out with craft projects and first-aid supplies and volunteer counselors.

Family camps were reinstituted last year, and they would love to offer a pastors’ retreat. A congregation about 45 minutes away hosted a women’s conference before the summer camping season began.

The church has a big vision to see this precious resource brought up to date. They know that a more comfortable place would also attract outside groups and bring much-needed income to continue repairs and updates – maybe even a few “luxuries” like screens and a chapel. No shortage of vision, here – few resources to accomplish them, however.

Great opportunity for us to support and encourage them with our gifts, perhaps?


Marilyn Borst
Associate Director for Partnership Development

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Amount needed in 2014

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