Peter Lim (Outreach) - August 2014 Update

China Specialist for The Outreach Foundation

Dear Friends,

I am encouraged by the wonderful impact that The Outreach Foundation has made in the ministry of our global partners in China over the last six months. Our partners working on developing a Sunday School curriculum in the Chinese context are facing some technical difficulties. They are committed to overcoming these problems, and we are ready to support their efforts by continuing to facilitate the training of the curriculum writing team. 

Apart from the curriculum project, we remain focused on resourcing the development of Christian leadership. We have provided over 100 mini-libraries through a ministry partner in China specialized in theological book distribution to seminarians who will be working in the northwestern part of the country. We have also disseminated 200 copies of Chinese Study Bibles to seminaries and training centers in five different provinces.

The lay leadership development material known as the 2:7 series in the west continues to be a top priority. We funded the publishing of 20,000 sets of the six-book original series about a decade ago. And last year, we helped secure permission to print an additional 10,000 sets. We are working on obtaining all the necessary agreements for the publication of the new three-book series and would appreciate your prayers and support.

I am writing prior to leaving for another working trip to Asia while Stephanie holds down the fort back home. She is concentrating on selling our house in Spokane in preparation for our move to Seattle. Cuts in direct flights from Seattle and San Francisco to Spokane, and the fact that Stephanie is always staying behind by herself whenever I am on the road without any of our children nearby, are the key reasons for our relocation. Two of our children are in Seattle, and Seatac International Airport has a lot more flights that would be more convenient for my traveling schedule. Please remember our move in your prayers.

I will be traveling with a group of American Presbyterians in October to learn about our mission heritage. I hope you will consider joining me to “come and see,” as Jesus invited in John 1:39. Please contact Lisa Dill at 615-778-8881 with inquiries regarding this trip.

Yours in Him,

Peter Lim

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