School Construction in Kenya - July 2014 Update

Kenya, Africa

Dear Friends and Partners,

Thank you so very much for your support. We would like to share a little bit of the impact your support provides to members of PCEA congregations in various locations. We  visited with PCEA Mtwapa Academy, PCEA Bamburi Academy, PCEA Kisauni Primary School and PCEA Pwani Girls’ Boarding High School. These meetings were held centrally outside of Mombasa to accommodate all concerned.

PCEA Mtwapa Academy
This school has moved forward the most of all schools interviewed. They built a toilet block to accommodate their growing enrollment, as well as two more classrooms. This school has progressed very well. It was started in 2009 with an enrollment of 53 children. They now have 342 pupils and are envisioning two streams of children, that is two of every class, giving them an enrollment of 650 children. This includes baby class and kindergarten, which are now housed in their old mabati church. Mtwapa Academy is really serving a great need in a very poor area. They are also actively evangelizing to Muslims, 35 of whom attend their school.

Kisauni Primary School
Kisauni Primary school has also moved along well. They completed two third-floor classrooms with the help provided by Presbyterians in the U.S. in the last year. They currently have 170 students and are planning on another 70 to be added in 2015. They have formed a unique partnership with Compassion International. With Compassion, they feed 230 children every Saturday. That number will grow to 300 by year’s end.

Pwani Girls’ High School
This is another very good story. It wasn’t that long ago when Pwani High School had only nine students, and we were wondering if it would continue. Today they have 135 young girls and will grow to 145 by the end of the year. The leadership from the principal, teachers, and board is fantastic. Last year, Pwani High School was the best private school in the county and 5th out of all 26 high schools in the area. In Pwani there was no Christian boarding school for girls. There are now six Muslim girls in attendance. This school has filled a big need. The board’s vision for the school is a first class girls’ high school accommodating two streams (eight classes) or approximately 320 girls. This past year they equipped their laboratory, bought computers for their computer lab, and sorted out their water problems for the kitchen and washing areas. We are currently building a duplex staff house on the compound. We are complying with the law that states that there must be a live-in resident for a girls’ boarding school. That will be completed by year’s end.

Bamburi Academy
This is the newest school in the Pwani area. They have a very active school board, so this year they added a Head Teacher (Principal). This school is also serving a very poor area. They have 74 students, 10 of whom are Muslims. The school is next to a slum where the majority are Muslims. Two new classrooms were completed from gifts from U.S. partners sent  last year. They are preparing themselves for 50 new students in 2015, bringing the total enrollment to 125 students.

In summary, these are all thriving Christian institutions run by dedicated PCEA members who want to help educate their communities and also contribute toward construction. This is a very good investment in the education of children.

Stu and Linda Ross

East Africa Coordinators

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Amount needed in 2014

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